Modern garden fences create privacy in the outdoor area

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  Comfort and privacy in the garden


Modern garden fences These days, they are not just an element of the exterior design. They often serve as privacy screens. In the hectic everyday life one searches more and more for seclusion and rest. Sit down with your family or friends in the backyard or garden and relax away from the sight of your neighbors.

That's why it's always important to build at least one privacy screen to feel comfortable. There are many new design ideas for garden design that offer innovative options on the subject. Today's article will give you more clarity on how to do this. 60 pictures with contemporary examples of fence construction are at your disposal.

Modern garden fences complete the exterior design of your home

Art fence metal outdoor area design

The most preferred materials for fence construction are metal, stone and wood. You can combine them in a variety of ways or use them separately. The variants are innumerable. If you decide on a metal fence, you should first choose a suitable, stainless material. Modern garden fences made of metal appear in different shapes and patterns. You can decorate the fence with flower patterns, animal figures or abstractions.

Modern garden fences of metal

exterior architecture ideas garden fence metal figures

Wooden fences also allow many experiments and always look stylish. The wood can be painted differently for a visual effect or painted neutral. A wooden fence combines beautifully with decorative stones or with a metal construction. If you integrate a chimney in the addition, the result is really unique. A good tip for using wood as an accent is when you opt for a gabion. Then you can build a wooden gate as an eye-catcher.

Low fence with original lighting

outdoor area design modern garden fences

Modern garden fences made of stone are of course classic. The stone as material embodies eternity and can never go out of fashion. The most traditional variant is to build a stone wall with a wooden gate in the garden. This serves as a privacy screen and separates you from the world in style. Stone or concrete can also be combined well with metal and give the exterior a contemporary look. Take a look at our suggestions and decide with the family which fence suits your exterior design best.

Plexiglas fence in the geometric garden

gardening geometric shape fence plexiglas

Kind of privacy

kind of protection in the garden

Horizontal teeth design

garden ideas privacy wood dining table chairs

Circular gate

garden ideas fence metal circular horizontal lines

Tree trunks in pink

garden fence tree trunk in pink

Metal in contrast to wood

garden fence modern metal plant wooden floor garden

Exterior design with twisted metal

garden fence modern twisted metal exterior design

Vertical metal bars

garden fence vertical metal bars modern lawn

Cactus fence

cacti garden fence outdoor area deisgn

Modern garden fences with vertical wooden slats

wooden fence garden visual effect

Innovative design ideas for wire mesh fence

innovative outdoor ideas wire mesh fence

Build gabions

pebbles gabione build decorative tree

Screen in the center of the garden

small garden privacy wood fence

Small, urban vertical garden

small urban vertical garden fence

Gardening ideas

creative design ideas garden fence wood and sculptures

Garden fence made of metal with flower pattern

metal garden fence floral pattern figures

Metallic privacy screen in white

Metal protection in the garden outside

Minimalist garden style

minimalist garden design ideas wooden fence floor

Patio with blue privacy screen

modern garden ideas privacy patio

Minimalist fence construction

modern exterior design garden fence privacy

Canvas as an accent in the garden

Modern exterior design ideas canvas screen

Contemporary exterior design

modern design ideas outdoor area privacy

Gabion as eye-catcher

modern garden design images privacy stones metal grid

Attractive garden decoration

modern garden ideas privacy pink wall

Bicolor fence construction

modern garden ideas privacy black wood green

The black border creates visual effect

modern garden fences of wood metal

Metal garden fence with floral patterns

modern garden fences of metal flowers pattern

Plexiglas and wood in modern compilation

modern garden fences made of plexiglas wood

Stone wall with bamboo wall

modern garden fences frame decorative stones bamboo

Round teeth design

modern garden fences wood plants design

Modern garden fences with horizontal wooden slats

modern garden fences with horizontal wooden slats

Concrete fence looks stylish

modern garden fences ideas concrete lawn gravel tree

Planted garden fence made of wood and metal

modern garden fences ideas planted

Small garden with fireplace

modern garden fences small garden wood

Original figures made of metal

modern garden fences metal figures

Modern garden design ideas

modern garden fences create privacy

Modern assortment of decorative stones and wood

modern garden fences urban garden wooden fence

Horizontal wooden fence

modern garden fence horizontal design

White chainlink fence

modern wire mesh fence in white garden

Wooden fence on two levels

modern privacy wood garden

Build low fence

low garden fence stone pillar metal

Original Exterior Ideas

original exterior ideas wood garden fence

Gabione - wall

original modern garden fences stones wood

Vertical garden opposite the concrete wall

patio gardening fence modern concrete metal vertical garden

Rolling gate made of metal

roll garden gate made of metal as a visual protection

Garden fence with cactuses

beautiful concrete garden fence cacti

Black wooden fence in the garden

black wooden fence garden plants

Water feature as a privacy screen

visual protection decorative stones pebbles water feature

Cozy sitting area outdoors

visual protection wood horizontal rattan furniture


privacy garden retro style cacti

Stone wall with wood

stone wall wood elements garden design bench concrete

Stone wall with wooden gate

stone wall garden wood gate

Fence made of two materials

Stone wall with wooden elements garden

Three-piece sight protection made of metal

fence metal gardening privacy

Stylish concrete fence with wooden bench

contemporary modern garden fences made of concrete and wood

Planted garden fence in a contemporary style

planting contemporary fence design ideas