Building a trellis – practical tips and ideas

trellis obstabaum apple buds wall fence

Building a trellis - freestanding or on a house wall

Do you know what a trellis is? A grid-like construction to which plants or trees are attached to grow into a desired shape. It is different from a construction that creepers grow up on. A trellis could be erected freestanding or on a house wall.

Here are a few tips on how to build one in your garden. First, you have to choose the type of trees or plants. Of course, that depends on your interests and needs. If you want to pick the fruits of your labor in the next few years, then plant fruit trees, preferably dwarf fruit trees like apple, peach or pear tree. If you just want a magnificent decoration in the garden, then the magnolia and the snowball tree are just right for you. Supply yourself with the desired trees and with wooden beams to build the terrain. After that you still need wire or cable. When the trellis scaffolding is ready and the trees or plants are planted, they need your care. The first two years you have to take care of them carefully. Remove the fruit buds and let the fruit trees produce fruit only in the third year, when they have already grown enough. They will also need pruning in the late winter, as well as watering and fertilizing. Achieve the branches in the desired direction by knotting them regularly to the wire.

Building trellis - unique, spectacular decoration in your garden

trellis build trees pattern diamond wall

 A freestanding construction serves as a fence

trellis build trees pattern diamond green fence  It is worth the work and the care

Trellis diamond pattern trees freestanding

In late winter you should prune the trees

trellis build trees pattern diamond winter

Living wall decoration

trellis diamond pattern wall high gorgeous

Effective plants

Trellis Diamond Pattern Wall Plant Decoration

This intertwined pattern is called "Diamond Pattern"

trellis obstabaum apple bud scaffold

Build a living fence

trellis build trees pattern diamond greenMake a sketch first

trellis build trees pattern diamond design