50 wooden gazebos – build gazebo yourself

arbor wood pergolas landschft

Thematic ideas for garden pavilion made of metal and wood

A gazebo conjures up memories of another time - when the moonlit walks and long conversations on summer evenings were more familiar. Actually, these decorative, functional and often very beautiful structures remain very popular and popular for the era when the gentlemen were more.

Since they are very up-to-date and popular today, the gazebos are currently on the market as populated, prefabricated structures. You can choose between numerous styles and designs that vary from modern and patterned to those with clean lines and sharp angles. Or maybe you prefer a traditional structure with carved pillars.

 Gazebos of wood

arbor of wood pergolas ivy

A shingled roof is another typical feature of traditional gazebos. This adds visual effect, suggesting a fabulous, perfect touch for structures used for recreation and fun.

Grooved roof shingles are another element of the gazebos. These classic, decorative roof tiles can also add an optical flair to your structure.

If you want to break away from traditional gazebos, consider a rustic design. Gazebos constructed of reclaimed wood or tree branches can create a striking, extraordinary effect.

Robust pergola in the middle of the magnificent, exotic garden

arbor of wood pergolas fresh grass

Water garden designed in Asian style

garden pavilion build garden landscaping water garden

With a pitched roof

arbor wood pergolas asian style

Symbol of classic wealth and prosperity

arbor of wood pergolas lighting

Built-in lighting under the roof

arbor of wood pergolas roof

Glass walls

arbor of wood pergolas dark

Wooden gazebo in country style

arbor wood pergolas dinette

Colorful flowerbed

arbor of wood pergolas colorful flowers

Traditional garden design 

arbor wood pergolas landscaping

Pergola shading for pleasant summer days by the pool

arbor of wood pergolas cozy open

Antique garden pavilion with columns and round roof

arbor of wood pergolas small

  State of the art solution for your landscape

arbor wood pergolas modern

Stable shade construction

arbor of wood pergolas open small

Pergola of wood branches

arbor wood pergolas sun sitzecke

Tree branches as pillars here

arbor of wood pergolas pointed roof asian

Lattice walls and pitched roof determine the gazebo here

arbor of wood pergolas stone plates

Fresh, yellow flowers around the gazebo

arbor wood pergolas lush yellow flowers

Simple metal construction covered with fabric

arbor of wood pergolas white fabric

Lush purple and pink shrubs

arbor wood pergolas flowers colorful

Enjoy nature and beauty

arbor of wood pergolas relaxing summer

Minimalist in contemporary style

arbor of wood pergolas exotic environment

Chic and functionality from Asia

arbor wood pergolas carved

Two throw pillows are comfortable here

arbor wood pergolas lattice construction

Purple landscape 

arbor of wood pergolas purple flowers

Exotic luxury

arbor wood pergolas airy curtains

Rustic and vintage

garden pavilions-of-wood-pergolas-shade-tree

Garden furniture set with striped upholstery

garden pavilions-of-wood-pergolas-pitched roof

You can build such a construction yourself

arbor pavilion wood pergolas structure

Gravel and boulders as flooring

garden pavilions-of-wood-pergolas-subtle

Gazebo on the roof

garden arbor-own-build-flooring-wood

Garden pavilion with simple lines and shapes

garden arbor-own-build-grid-wall

Garden roses decorate the whole landscape here

garden arbor-own-build-country style

Fairytale, hazy nature environment

  garden arbor-own-build-fairytale

Gazebo and rose arch

garden arbor-own-build-pink-flower

Ancient, Greek construction

garden arbor-own-build-pillar

Stone slabs form the footpath

garden arbor-own-build-stone-plate-footpath

Deep in the forest

gazebo-building-gardening -small

Rough wooden construction


Finished with pointed roof and railing

garden pavilion-building-landscaping -sitzecke

Peculiar landscape idea

garden pavilion-build-gartengestaltung-odd

Recreational corner for your friends

garden pavilion-build-gartengestaltung-relaxation corner

Garden pavilion with a pitched roof

garden pavilion-build-gartengestaltung-Japanese-style

Traditionally furnished outdoor area

garden pavilion-build-garden design-landscape

Simple gazebo made of metal

garden pavilion-build-gartengestaltung-airy roof-material

Fire pit adds more appeal

garden pavilion-build-gartengestaltung massif

In the Mediterranean style

garden pavilion-build-gartengestaltung-open space

Equipped with railing

garden pavilion-build-landscaping-around

Very small but functional

garden pavilion-build-gartengestaltung-pillar

Cozy outdoor sitting area for two

garden pavilion-build-gartengestaltung-sitzecke

Easy-to-mount, free-standing pergola

garden pavilion-build-gartengestaltung-material

Garden lanterns attached to the pergola

garden pavilion-build-gartengestaltung Canopy