Build your own vegetables and herbs – designs and alternatives

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Create a raised bed easily with existing materials

In the raised bed you can grow tomatoes, peppers, aromatic spices, onions, herbs and other plants. There are many ways on which one Build your own herb bed yourself can. Most of the time, our choice depends on what materials we have and what we want to get as the bottom line.

Stones, broken bricks of various sizes and shapes, tree branches, fresh grass and suitable soil are there to use.

Build vegetables and herb high bed yourself

Vegetable herb high bed yourself build wood

The yard is small and we divide it mentally into two - one half we use as a relaxation corner and the other serves as a raised bed for vegetables and herbs. There are already two almond trees , a cherry, old pear and a sour cherry cultivated there. Step by step we built a herbal high bed ourselves with the available materials. First, determine the boundaries and edges by using large stones. The shape of the raised bed can be varied, it depends mainly on your preferences and the free area. All plants in the raised bed should be within easy reach of the bed edges, so that you do not enter the bed. The space between them is filled with twigs and thin sticks. Put a box on top of it and spray it with water and cover it with a thick layer of soil. Always cover the ground and use straw, cardboard, sawdust or a thick layer of grass for this purpose.

Surrounded by stones

Kräuterhochbeet vegetables themselves stone build

 Grow tomatoes

Vegetable Herbal Hochbeet build yourself

On legs

Vegetables and herbs high bed itself build legs

Stacked and varied

Vegetables and herb high bed itself build flowers

Interesting shape - wooden boards

Herbal Hochbeet itself build vegetables Erdboden

To serve as a small conservatory

build herbal nylon yourself

Space saving and private  Vegetable herb high bed yourself build idea

Build several stable raised beds

Vegetable herb high bed itself build practically

Equipped with benches  Herbal Hochbeet yourself original vegetable gras garden bench

  Create a natural look in the garden

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