Facade design of a single-family home – ideas and pictures

Facade design Detached house garden landscaping with gravel

Rural facade design of a family house


Today we want to give you some really innovative and original tips on how to make a house facade of the rural style. It is interesting that you can easily carry out this constructive element through everyday actions.

The first rule we want to teach you is to include the area in the front yard when designing the single-family house facade.

Facade design of a single-family home - factors that influence the façade look

 Facade design Detached house garden landscaping plant garden fence wood

How can you do that? For example, consider great flower pots. Plant spices and other plants that you need in everyday life. Their colors and design become a cheerful picture in front of your house.

You then only have to do the facade in a suitable background color.

Facades of houses Colors - how do you like the blue?

Facade design Detached house garden front yard facade color blue

If you have a small stream or well in the garden in front of the house, then it is important what color the stones have there. Such elements should also be repeated on the facade, on the other side of the house.

A modern house facade with front yard

Facade design Detached house garden front garden palms exotic garden plants

If you want to add beauty to the façade, but also to the environment, consider a vertical garden. It will also teach your own children from the earliest age how to save space, as well as how to use modern and environmentally friendly ways to spice up their house design.

Ideas for a stylish driveway

Facade design Detached house garden landscaping plant garage driveway stone pavement

 Vertical garden as a garden fence

Facade design Detached house front garden landscaping vertical garden

On the green wall you can grow beautiful plants as well as great decorations and even herbs. Through these you can also get beautiful scents in the air with.

In order to save time and energy for the care of all these facilities in front of the house facade, you should carefully select the plants. Check which plant species are typical for your region. Thus, their growth is promoted by the natural conditions.

Front yard design with native plants

Facade design single-family house facades colors green garden shape plants

If you design your detached house facade so that there are many plants around, you should also think of the insects. Native plants attract animal life. If you want to avoid this then you should consider some exotic species. These could also give the façade a unique character and a charming look!

Dreamlike summer house

Facade design Detached house house facade color white wood lawn summer house

 A well maintained hedge refreshes the house facade

Facade design Detached house garden landscaping hedge plow lawn

 Light green as house facade color

Facade design Detached house garage facades color green

Concrete paving lead to the house

   Facade design-Detached house-front yard-landscaping-with driveway-garage-facades-color-green

The front yard very much influences the look of the house facade

facades design family house garden front garden with garage entrance

Sustainable ideas in green

  Façade-family house-front garden-design-plant-tree-terrace-wooden staircases

Impressive façade design

  Facade design Detached house garden landscaping plants landscaping with stones

Simple wooden house with modern touches - glass patio railings

  Facade design Detached house garden landscaping plants grass lawn

A living canopy of vines

Facades design family house front garden shape lawn stone pavement concrete pavement

Professional garden design - an impressive front yard

  Facades design family house garden landscaping walkway plants

Rural house facade in gray

  house facade color gray family house front garden shape plants tree

Sustainably implemented - planning a green roof

modern architecture facades design family house lawn garden plants sustainable building

Modern house in the countryside

modern architecture Facade design Detached house garden front yard wood veranda