25 cool practical balcony ideas – oasis on the balcony

Cool Practical Balcony Ideas

25 Practical Balcony Ideas - Create a Relaxing Oasis on the Balcony


Most people use the balcony or terrace to hang the laundry there or to keep the old, unused items there. Rarely you can see a balcony, which serves as a beautiful and elegant rest area with many decorative flowers.

The reasons are the following: the small room in the apartment, as well as the unpleasant environment. Who would enjoy the polluted air in the city or the building opposite, which is only 2-3 meters away?

Fresh spring mood on the small balcony - colorful flowers and different plant species

practical balcony ideas colorful colorful red pink flowers

Nevertheless, we all want to live in a comfortably furnished home. Above all, it depends on our views. Start by designing your patio or balcony. Create a cozy, fresh atmosphere with lots of flowers, so even your neighbors would take it as a role model.
We present 8 practical ideas that could help you turn your balcony or patio into an oasis or a beautiful relaxation corner. Maybe you do not have much free space, and you may be very busy. But everything depends only on your wish and your organization.

Add many flowers and lots of greenery

flowers cool balcony idea design pads wood furniture

Flowers and greenery

We start with it because it is difficult to imagine a rest area without flowers. Here are some tips to help you before you start growing plants.
Usually the balcony is not very extensive. Therefore, be smart and put only those items that are necessary there. Use hanging baskets - they are very space-saving. The flower boxes, which are smaller and more compact, are also a fitting solution. Do not place flower pots on the floor because they only obstruct and block the walkway. Choose those species of plants that will thrive on the balcony. For example, if the balcony is south facing, you could choose those species that tolerate the hot sunshine in the summer.

Organize your free time that you devote more attention to your plant life on the balcony. First, make the balcony compact by growing a few plants. If you decide to grow perennial crops, make sure you bring them into the apartment during the winter months.

Ground runners or artificial grass create a cozy atmosphere

practical balcony ideas awning sunshade workplace

Lay a carpet or artificial grass on the floor

The mosaic floor as well as the tiles can not create a comfortable and warm atmosphere on the balcony, so you can use carpet, artificial grass or floor runners. So what gives the optical illusion that the balcony is a natural extension of the room.

 Metal mesh furniture on the balcony

practical balcony ideas metal lattice seating glass

Choose suitable furniture

If the space is too small and compact, forget the opportunity and the chance to receive guests. Try to make it more comfortable, even if it only covers one person. Still other important tips:
The wooden furniture is not very durable. Better to use folding furniture. It's no big deal to make a wall-mounted table yourself.
Place a cupboard or chest of drawers on the balcony where you can store items that you rarely use.

Cozy relaxation corner - wooden furniture and gray pads

practical balcony ideas wood gray pads furniture lattice

Our goal is to feel closer to nature, so the wicker or rattan furniture is the perfect choice. Because they serve as garden furniture, do not worry that they will get wet from the rain. Add cheerful, decorative throw pillows and pads to them for more mood.

Candles in jars - romantic ambience

practical balcony ideas wood lights candles


The lights are supposed to be indirect, discreet, functional and romantic. Perfect for that are the candles, which you can put in glasses and then attach to the wall. On the market there is a rich selection of lanterns as well as the popular solar lamps. Above all, look for the effect of indirect, yellow light.

Plant herbs and spices on the balcony

practical cool balcony ideas flowers pot floor

Aromatic herbs and spices

They do not save much space, but they would make your oasis colorful and functional, and their flavors would increase the quality of the air. Our advice: Do not use herbs or spices that you can grow on the balcony if it is located on a busy and busy street.

Green folding furniture, round table and green parasol

practical balcony ideas recover green folding furniture

Keep the shade in the summer

For more comfort and coziness, consider the possibility of creating thick shadows on the balcony. There are two variants - parasol or awning. The second is more expensive, but solves some problems at the same time. Thanks to its shade, the living area stays cooler on the hot summer days. So it is not necessary to use the air conditioner. The flowers outside on the balcony are well maintained even in the shade.

Colorful and cheerful flowerpots - stylish decoration

practical balcony ideas colorful pot flowers witness


Create a pleasant atmosphere on the balcony, where you can relax.

Bad model for decoration on the balcony - cheesy and tasteless

Ideas balcony art art cheesy fashion colorful

Some tips:

Decorate the room after arranging the furniture. Start organizing the larger items. Use natural ornaments from nature. Dried flowers, leaves, details of trees with interesting shapes, white stones. Avoid plastic objects. Choose decoration made of wood, wrought iron and clay.

Barbecue on the balcony

practical balcony ideas to have a rest


If you prefer freshly prepared food and of course, if the conditions are right, consider the idea of ​​BBQ on the balcony. Above all, please direct your decision to the free space on the balcony.

         Beautiful, pleasant atmosphere on the balcony

practical balcony ideas colorful furniture seat chair Compact but pleasant furnished balcony  practical balcony ideas colorful yellow motive chair folding table

Modern, urban design - wooden flooring

practical balcony ideas colorful cozy corner to relax

Beautiful relaxation corner - compact wooden furniture

practical balcony ideas colorful wood lattice nature beautiful Bright yellow wall - compact balcony embellished with many flowers practical balcony ideas colorful pot yellow wall compact

White decor, decorative brick wall and red tulips make up the ambiance on this balcony

practical balcony ideas colorful white brick wall tulips red

Sunny balcony in the city - green chairs and square wooden table

ideas balcony art art wood green chair Large balcony - dark wicker furniture ideas balcony classic shape dark furniture

Old, classic building - simple but eye-catching balcony

ideas balcony classic shape brick wall

Lovely sitting area, where you can enjoy breakfast in the morning

Ideas Balcony Art Nature Fresh Seating Relaxing Breakfast

Enjoy the beautiful nature from this large sun terrace

ideas balcony modern nature big room

Urban atmosphere and matching balcony design

ideas balcony modern urban flower box