Creating a front garden with gravel – pictures and tips for you

Front yard with gravel shape flowers footpath

Design an attractive, well-maintained garden

It is said that you should not rate books by the cover. But let's face it - a home and its homeowners are often judged by the front yard and its appearance. That's why it's a good choice, in one beautiful front garden landscaped with gravel Invest money.

Here are some tips and garden ideas for you to get inspired and design the most beautiful front yard in the area.

Tips on beautiful scenery in the front yard

Framing front yard with gravel

Front garden with gravel frame straw

Make a plan before you start gardening

Opt for a pebble floor because it is very natural, reasonably priced and easy to put on. Easy-care material on which you can grow weather- and drought-resistant plants - such as succulents and evergreen plant species.
Landscape ideas for the front yard

Find out how much material you need when landscaping

Prepare a plan before covering the yard with straw

Front yard with gravel landscape nicely

In the spring, the soil is not warm enough and the straw will keep the earth cool. In addition, you must cut out your beds and water each plant before covering it with straw.

Create a sitting area or display of potted flowers by arranging flags in the shape of a square. The garden lighting is a great way to brighten up and emphasize your beautiful landscape at night.

Open area - flags
rockeries Protect against erosion and anchor your plants. Choose stones of different sizes and dig caverns that are slightly larger than the stones, so that each stone looks like it is planted. Fill in the gaps with bark mulch, alpine plants, grasses and other species.

Small area like yard space for example

Garden-flower species with gravel Styler

The first idea is to lay this land area with gravel or boulders, tiles or other types of stone. This gives a Zen feeling and requires no effort and time.

If you want to accentuate a particular plant or a tree

Front yard with gravel framing grass flowers

Maybe you want to build a semicircle of stone and make it an eye-catcher. Make sure he's laid enough around the tree

Stone slabs form the footpath here

Front garden landscaped with gravel

Pleasant relaxing corner in the garden

images garden with gravel shape oasis pleasant landscape

Variety of colors and plant species

pictures garden with gravel shape oase pleasantly colorful plants

Pebbles and boulders

Pictures garden with gravel shape oase pleasant boulders

Red painted garden bench

pictures garden red garden bench gravel fashion oasis pleasant footpath

Natural stones and gravel - Rattan swing decorated with white cushions

pictures garden swing gravel fashion oase pleasant nature

Colorful flowers in clay pots grown

pictures garden with gravel shape oase pleasant plants

Grasslands and flagstones arranged in a checkerboard pattern

pictures garden with gravel shape oase pleasant chessboard

Massive garden furniture made of wood

pictures garden front gravel design oase pleasant sitting area

Cute designed garden

pictures garden with gravel shape oase pleasant stone plates

  Contemporary and striking

Pictures garden with gravel shape oasis sun lie