Creating a balcony – cool ideas to make your own

balcony shape parasol wood deck tiles lie

Creating a balcony - without much effort and with little money

We have recently found this very useful and inspiring video footage on the internet and we want to show it to you. Although it is in English, you do not need to understand everything to follow the guide. Here you can see how you can furnish your small balcony stylishly and with little money.

What you need is an inspirational idea and the desire to make crafts. Let your imagination run wild and enjoy the work process as well as the relaxing moments afterwards. For sure you will feel very proud of it! So it's worth the effort!

Do you like to do handicrafts? Then the following tips and tricks are just for you!

Make a small coffee table out of an old wooden box - easy

balcony shape parasol pillow runner

Build a wooden deck - looks cozy and inviting

balcony shape parasol wood deck wooden furniture shade

Folding chairs save space. Buy yourself some!

balcony fashion parasol wood deck table folding chairs

Create a cozy atmosphere with wooden furniture and flower boxes

balcony shape parasol wooden tiles outdoor furniture flower container All colors are welcome

balcony fashion parasol folding chairs hanging table colored

Enjoy the sunny summer days, but in the shade

balcony make sunshade lie plants

Lay wooden tiles - simple and effective

balcony fashion parasol furniture wood tiles