Creating a small front garden – 25 inspiring examples

small front yard landscaping garden design ideas

Design the small front garden with great ideas and take it to a new level


You want to make the front garden in an unforgettable style, even though he is small? Or maybe just because he is small and do you want to spice it up and take it to a new level?

We would like to help you with some tips and show you how to achieve this quickly and relatively easily

The art of the front yard design

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Keep everything clean and tidy

The basis for every good impression is this. You have to keep the house clean and beautiful. Otherwise, even the greatest idea would not look good.

Neat and simple garden design

garden design small front garden landscaping

The functional facilities always nice

You must maintain the lights and all sorts of facilities. For this they have to be well-groomed and look beautiful. If they look old and used up and look nice, sometimes not so great, then this will make your entrance and really anything less appealing.

Create an inviting entrance

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Create perfect symmetry

This is another way that always works well if you want to make a perfect impression. These may be pairs of items flanking the entrance. You can also look for other elements that balance the balance and make everything look really nice.

Symmetrical means beautiful

small garden front yard design ideas colored exterior

Luminaires leading to the entrance

Hardly can one compare something with the impression left by the well-designed lighting. Even when it comes to setting up a small front garden, you can create a wonderful face. Be sure that the lamps are in proper proportion to the entrance and the general area of ​​the room.

The garden lighting plays an important role

small garden design garden design concrete panels garden design

A design after the season

Put in front of the facade the gifts of nature that you will find in the yard or perhaps in the adjacent park. Maybe there is another DIY shop that you could visit nearby. So every few months you would make the facade look a bit different. This leaves a good and fresh impression on people who often come to visit.

Flowering garden plants in summer

small front garden, garden landscaping nicely practical

window decorations

If you have windows in the façade wall, then you should decorate and spice it up nicely. It can be about great plants or other suitable decoration. Again, you should come up with a change every season and every feast, even if it should be very small.

Make the façade wall colorful

front garden landscaping planting small front garden design

Find space and inspiration for a bit of art

A fountain, a sculpture, a great constellation of stones could change the look if you set up a small front yard. That's just the advantage of the measured dimensions. With modest interventions one achieves very great results.

Eye catcher in the front yard

patio design modern garden design small

If possible, make the entrance bigger

If possible, open yourself to the outside in the direct sense of the word. Make the front door and the windows more open. You could even do without thick curtains or curtains. This also leaves a very strong impression.

Simple lines and curved shapes

lawn planting small front garden landscape

Accents on the facade and in the forecourt

Trims and other decorative elements, if made with taste, also make perfect sense when setting up a small front yard. Let these look more noble and well-groomed. Also, think of green covered garden arcades. These will make even the smallest area look like a piece of the design in front of a castle.

Front yard design with hedge

small front yard fashion hedge

Precious metal also in the functional facilities

Tubes, drains and any kind of such equipment can be made from a simple, but also from a noble material. Think about stainless steel. Thus, these add value to the appealing aesthetic appearance of the forecourt.

Combine modern architecture with modern garden design

small garden design ideas yellow plants garden design

The low garden fence plays a more decorative role

 garden fence wood small front yard landscaping garden design

Lush planting

small front garden, creative garden design ideas

Picturesque colors in the front yard

  creative garden design ideas small garden design

Garden design with stones and green plants

small garden design ideas pebbles front garden design

A well maintained lawn with a tree in the middle

garden design ideas grass lawn design small front garden

 Front yard design with gravel: interesting ideas

small front garden landscaping beautiful front garden design

Plant beds in the entrance area

small front yard garden design gardening ideas

Combine lawn with seasonal plants

small front garden landscaping garden design landscaping beautiful aesthetic footpath

Spend romantic moments on the wooden veranda and enjoy the flowering garden plants

      small front garden, garden design make great design proposals

The potted plants can also find space in the small front yard

   beautiful front garden landscaping

The front garden design makes for a good first impression

garden design ideas examples of small garden design

Footpath of stones leads to the entrance

garden design ideas garden small garden design

So you can also design your small front garden

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