Design the front garden – 33 pictures and garden ideas

 Front garden framing red garden roses on white facade

Garden ideas for small front garden

It is a real challenge to design the front yard. There are too many elements to think about, such as the parking lot, for example. One should fight for the best places of the flowerbed and foliage. Inevitably, we first consider the practical solutions by turning our front yard into a lifeless transit area where nobody lingers.

The smaller the area, the harder it is to find your way around and to create an outdoor area where we can successfully connect the natural environment with the accessories we use every day. In addition, we should take care of the attractive appearance of our house.
First, you have to pay close attention to the main functions of the front garden and evaluate.
Will he serve as an entrance area or will he be a parking space? integrate next to the road. Other important questions are for example, should the front garden also serve as a parking space and should this be separated from the street.

Framing the front yard

house box garden bench flowers colorful garden landscaping

Hardworking and carefully designed front yard

well maintained front garden landscaping

Mediterranean garden design

Mediterranean garden design clay vessels garden decor

Houseplants in the front yard

flowerpots indoor plants window front garden landscape nature

Artfully cut shrubs

Woodbury country house ideas garden fence wood shrub plants

Footpath to the entrance from stone slabs

hampton villa lush foliage plant

Bring nature into the house

garden path stone slabs grass glass walls

Fresh grass area

framing farmhouse grassy area front garden

Well maintained front yard - striking purple entrance door

  Magnificent garden front garden ideas shape purple painted entrance door

Large planters as a screen in front of the house

garden design planter grass shrub garden fence

The indirect garden lighting at night

planter idea at night garden lighting privacy

Rustic and functional designed

natural stone flowers ideas garden front porch

Footpath surrounded by greenery

gardenin white lattice wood door pattern

Colorful flowers and lush foliage

framing farmhouse garden chic useful

Create an exotic look in the garden

exotic plants species front garden landscaping palms

Traditional garden art

tree shrub flowers ideas facade garden framing

Striking rose arch

rose petals garden roses gate green garden

Jagged shrubs

ragged shrub footpath stone slabs front yard

Effective garden design

fresh bright green garden ideas

Front yard with gravel

barn garden herb herbs weatherproof evergreen

Ornate garden decoration

Design the front garden - 33 pictures and garden ideas

Rural appearance

cottage front garden foredeck lace jagged stone slabs

Pebbles and stone slabs

house gravel flooring stone slabs

Garden furniture set made of wood

farmer house shrub flowerpots garden

Tree in the front yard casts shadows in the summer

tree shadow hanging flowers of colorful flowers

Bold, colorful colors

rustic rustic garden front landscaped purple flowers mediterranean style

Grid fence and privacy at the same time

outlook flower pots vases garden design

garden mazes

Broughton Grange garden art shrub facade house

Another Mediterranean garden design

Flemons & amp; Warland yellow facade flagstone footpath flooring

Tender, natural touch add here the garden roses and the metal bench

red brown wood house garden bench white garden roses pink

Cleverly organized and neatly designed

old mill garden art fountain water system