Buy room bamboo – what you have to know and pay attention to

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Give your home an exotic touch of Asia

Did you know, some bamboo species are easy to care for at home, but most of them thrive outdoors. As soon as you grow it properly and carefully, your room bambus becomes an eye-catcher in the apartment. The bamboo is very diverse - some species are airy and tall, others are short and startling.

The foliage moves from saturated green to golden variegation. This plant needs as much light as possible when grown at home. Often you should place them outside in the yard so that they stay healthy and fresh. The margin of error is scarce for Zimmerbambus, albeit in the greenhouse and the atrium, where the humidity is high, the bamboo flourishes better.

In general, the bamboo is not very easy and easy to plant at home. The biggest challenge is moisture and / or its deficiency. We recommend that you use a plant container full of pebbles and a bit of water. As the water evaporates, the moisture around the plant increases. Make sure the container bottom is placed directly on the pebbles.

Buy room bamboo

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During the winter months you should keep the bamboo on the dry side. The over-watering causes root rot and the plant can not be saved.
But do not let the bamboo dry up. Similar to the other indoor plants, the bamboo takes on more water in the summer and less in the winter. The best way to revive your unhealthy bamboo is to plant it in a larger planter full of fresh soil and then pull it out. Fertilize your Zimmerbambus regularly in the summer months.

Details and juiciness

Zimmerbambus buy auspicious bamboo maintain moist fresh

To plant a room bamboo, you should note the following tips:


a spray bottle
small fan
water meter
hand shears

General instructions and important information

The bamboo does not like dry air, which is typical for interior spaces, so use the spray bottle and moisten the foliage. A small fan can mimic the slight breeze. A bamboo that is watered down is as unhealthy as a doused bamboo. Measure the moisture through a water knife. Keep the soil moist and soaked.

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As a screen in the summer garden

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