How do I design my garden in the Italian style?

How to design my garden - gardening Ideas in the Italian style

What is behind the magical character of Italian garden design? Surely, much of the charming, warm look comes from the colors that prevail there. But also from the beautiful flowers.

How do I design my garden in the Italian style? - A lot of color should be included in the garden

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In an Italian-style garden design, we often encounter an interesting mix of formal and informal-designed zones, intermingled in a clear and logical structure. This is what we wrote in our first article about Italian garden design. Have you already read this? Today we write about how to enrich the "skeleton" of the garden with great colors and textures.

How do I design my garden to give it an Italian look?

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The natural Italian landscapes teach us how important colors and outdoor textures are and how they make a big difference in the overall look. For example, The red poppies are much more effective against the background of the green areas than many others. And can you imagine a more beautiful purple or pink color than that of lavender?

Wood, stones and many flowers create a beautiful ambience

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Fountains and flowers make up this beautiful garden

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The plants compete strongly in this regard. Ultimately, they want to attract the insects, which are important for their development and spread. Their impact on us humans is also very strong. So strong that we try to incorporate this colorfulness into our garden design. It worked very well in the Italian tradition. Here are some useful examples and tips that might be useful if you ask yourself the question: How do I design my garden? in the Italian style?

Cypress trees give the garden an Italian look

gardening ideas italian style cypress

Highlight some important areas with eye-catching contrasts!

Do you want to emphasize your garden entrance or the grill zone? The geraniums can be very helpful. They are typical of the Italian garden design and have one of the most beautiful red colors that can be found in nature.

White geraniums give the garden a nice touch 

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Harmonious colors for the background

To bring out the bright colors, you need a matching, harmonious background. These are mostly green, brown, pink and blue nuances. The Italian gardens teach us again that some plants have more charming shades than others. Lavender and roses are a great choice. Through their rods and leaves they introduce the colors brown and green, in their whole color palette, and their flowers have beautiful pink and blue nuances.

Red roses beautify every garden

gardening ideas roses red italian style

Decorate the waterfall with roses

gardening ideas pink rose gardening italian look

The lavender is typical of a beautiful garden design in the Italian style

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Metallic and gray

When you look at Italian gardens, you also notice that: The metallic and gray nuances are also present there and play a very important role in the overall enchanting and charming appearance. The best effect can be achieved with sage, lavender, holyweed.

The sage adds a fresh touch of purple to the garden

how to make my garden italian look sage purple

Do not underestimate the leaves of the plants

The plant leaves are also important for achieving the great harmony of colors. Some of them are on the border between green and gray. They almost literally make the garden shine.

Combine colors and make the garden a wonderful resort

how do i make my garden italian look suitable garden plants

Potted plants make the garden a beautiful place

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Admire the photos in our picture gallery and let yourself be further inspired! We wish you a good success in your garden design in the Italian style!

Create a nice relaxing corner

gardening ideas garden plants pebble bench

Decorate the garden stairs with flowerpots

gardening ideas geranium flowerpots treppendeko

Comfortable furniture, pergola and greenery make for a nice dining area

gardening ideas italian style eating area plant

Poppies provide a fresh garden design in the backyard

how to make my garden look italian orange poppies

Roses give the garden a romantic look

gardening ideas italian style potted plants fountain

Typical garden design in the Italian style

how to design my garden italian garden fountain

A beautiful fountain fits very well in an Italian garden

how to make my garden of italian garden fountain white flowers

Gardening ideas with fountains

how to design my garden italian style fountain

Stylishly decorating the Italian garden

how to make my garden italian style bushes garden path

Bring splendor and color to the garden through beautiful flowers

how to make my garden poppies italian look

Colorful flowers and yellow facade create a colorful outdoor atmosphere

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Secrete flowerbeds in the garden

how to make my garden italian style colored brick facade

Fresh ideas for the garden in the Italian style

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