Ball maple diseases – maple tree in the garden

ball maple diseases treetop round foliage row

Would you grow ballahorns in your own garden?

Small, slow-growing shrub with a length of 4 m., Usually grafted on a rhizome, it becomes a small tree with a round crown. Because of its striking foliage color, the maple is an attractive spring tree. The foliage unfolds in spring with a characteristic pink color and turns within weeks into a yellow-orange color.

Later, the leaves turn yellow-green and last - light green. While the leaves unfold, the flowers still appear. This tree can be found in almost every park. It is also suitable for small gardens. It is tolerant to damp, cold soils and wind resistant yet. The bright sunlight can burn off the leaves.

Ball maple diseases

ball maple diseases treetop round foliage leaves

Some butterfly species use the maple to feed plant. The aphids are also other plant sucker Kugelahorn. In landscaping, the dimethoate spray will solve this problem.

In the USA and Canada, all sycamore maple species are threatened by Asian Longhorned Beetle.

The ball maples are affected by fungal diseases. Several are susceptible to wilting caused by the Verticillium species, which can cause significant mortality. Soot-contaminated bark disease caused by the Cryptostroma species can destroy those trees that are under stress of dryness. The maple leaves in late summer and autumn are defaced by "tar spot" caused by mildew.

Golden leaves

ball maple diseases treetop round foliage leaves idea

Height - 5-7 m
Crown - round
Bark and twigs - gray, gray to olive green
Foliage - pink over yellow-orange to light green, 12-20 cm
Flowers - yellow-green in April
Fruits - lively nutlets
Cultivation - small gardens, parks
Soil type - all
Wind resistant - very good

  Broad round crown

Globular maple diseases around leaves wide

Seen in the park

ball maple diseases treetop round foliage spring

In the front yard

ball maple cranes ball acacia front yard

Golden tree crown

Maple tree diseases treetop around foliage

Small and decorative

diseases treetop maple round foliage landscape

Lush shade over the garden bench

Maple tree diseases treetop foliage park

Tall maple tree in the park

ball maple diseases treetop round foliage park garden bench

Round Maple Diseases   ball maple diseases treetop round foliage damage

This beautiful tree looks elegant and decorative

ball maple diseases treetop round foliage beautiful