Build a pergola or how to build a gazebo yourself

Pergola build modern seating area lying sun

Create a natural, shady relaxation corner in the garden

If you are looking for inspiration in garden design, you are in the right place here. Maybe you just need a few more strokes to complete the whole garden design. The modern landscape style should be at the top of your list. Comfortable seating where you can relax and a dining area where you can enjoy your meals with friends make your outdoor area look great.

Our present garden ideas refer to the pergolas and gazebos. According to the rule, the pergola is a construction or archway with frames covered with climbing or hanging plants. It consists of posts and beams without walls and roof. Freestanding or fixed, the pergola serves as a relaxation corner or shady walkway. The gazebo is on the other hand a freestanding structure with a pointed roof and an open frame.

Build pergola

garden foliage pads pergola build design pillows stairs

Here are some tips on how to do one Build pergola or you can choose and what you should consider before.

 Combine the pergola with the garden style and the design, so that they fit together well and nicely. Take your time to select the exact design in peace.

Before you start working, you should receive the building permits.

Take care of the building materials and their sustainability. At the moment the metal pergolas are available and they are up to date.

The gazebo should be designed so that it can withstand all the components. Use screws and bolts to assure the lasting strength and safety of the structure.

 Pergola outfits are available in the market, if you are not a hobbyist or craftsman, opt for the help of an experienced farmer.

Either way, gardening should above all be fun and enjoyable. Green labyrinths, gravel paths, small garden ponds, water fountains, colorful flowers and small round shrubs are these elements that transform your garden into a beautiful outdoor area. Fresh morning hours, where you are surrounded by so much beauty, are really soothing and energizing. Take a look at our photo gallery below and let us know which of these garden ideas suits you best.

Contemporary and minimalist - sustainable pergola

 garden foliage build pergola plants species flowers

Quite simple and strange - dinette outdoors

modern sitting area outside gazebo building

Massive stone wall and wooden canopy flower boxes

Gazebo flower box natural stone fence wall

White painted pergola in the backyard

Gazebo painted white wooden roof

Pergola with pitched roof

garden foliage-idea-pergola-build-wooden-pitched roof

Pergola with metal frame

Pergola build-modern-sitting area-bamboo chair

Wavy shapes and original design

Pergola build modern sitting area outside garden

Outdoor dining area

Pergola build modern sitting area dining area wood

Decorate the gazebo with colorful flowers

Pergola build modern sitting area gazebo plant flowers

Protective canopy

Pergola build modern seating wood dining table chairs

Classic sitting area - metallic furniture

Pergola build modern seating classic furniture

Lush greenery everywhere

Pergola build modern seating plant species shadows

Very factual and useful designed  sitting area shadow robust durable pergola build modern

Enjoy the free time outside under the pergola

Pergola build modern seating corner canopy hintehof