Whirlpool in the garden – treat yourself to this special kind of relaxation

whirlpool in the garden noble wood

Whirlpool in the garden - practical tips and placement ideas

You have to live for the moment, everyone says. This is repeated by psychologists, astrologers and all those who have made the human soul and human happiness a profession. Many philosophers and thinkers agree with this idea.

What does this have to do with our topic?

Yes, it's just winter and we want to tell you something funny about the summer. As we understand it, our theme today is connected to a whirlpool in the garden. How do you like the idea? Not bad, right?

We see it that way. In winter you always have these great opportunities to sit down in front of the fireplace and devote your time to dreaming and many creative activities. That is in itself a pleasure that you do not have so often in the summer. So you can already plan the work and garden design of the summer already. Because in summer you may not have time to think about it properly. And finally, planning the garden is a very demanding task. You have to think it over very well. Otherwise, it may be that the expensive investment will not be worthwhile.

The sense of the hot tub in the garden

hot tub in the garden wood flooring

We all know why you use hot tubs in the garden. Or? Is that true or not ... Many people are buying new and modern facilities because they are fashionable and trendy. They want to have what other people say is great. But it's always what the others have, right with us too? Think carefully about what a function a hot tub in your garden would fulfill. Estimate several times whether he really makes sense or not ...

Who should use this? Does anyone really like that? Do you have enough opportunities, or will he stand there and be hardly used?

Does he have to be tall or is it an economical device that you only use in between? Ask yourself this question several times. Also introduce them to other family members and discuss them together.

Think about how you would like to spend your time in the garden. In which corner does it attract you? So where is the pool so that he really likes to visit. Would you like to take a bath there in the morning or enjoy a cocktail at sunset in the afternoon or late at night? What do you want exactly?

Modern, Asian flair

whirlpool in the garden bambaus tv

Which other facilities would you like to install next to the whirlpool in the garden? How will the functions of each of these complement each other? What role will the spa play in this context?

Now, are you asking yourself all these questions about the design? Are all your furniture special or rather practical? Will it stay that way in the long run, or would you like to renovate all of them? You must assign a suitable role to the whirlpool within the garden design. This should be best in line with its function.

If the whirlpool is in the center of the garden design, then he should probably also serve as a centerpiece in the design

hot tub garden around

It may be that you want to retire there romantically or just want to find your own peace at the pool. Then the whirlpool should serve as a relaxation element in the general concept. He should offer a beautiful view, but protect the private sphere of the people themselves.

So judge the corners several times where you would like to place the spa. Then think of the remaining furniture. Now you can have a look at many great examples and find something suitable for you.

Examples of hot tubs in the garden that are worthwhile for your consideration

As always, we have selected a few examples and we want to take a closer look at them. Agreed?

So we can explain everything even more vividly

hot tub garden teak

This spa has been made private by making access a bit more difficult. Furthermore, it has provided a special, very soothing experience by disguising the interior with wood. The natural stones, which are around it, only reinforce this impression.

Privacy also comes to the fore here

Whirlpool in the garden stone slabs pebbles

The hot tub has a special garden area. He is surrounded by flowers. You have a simple model and you have invested little in it. But the frames are neutral enough so they do not attract too much attention.

If you do not look closely at this hot tub, you can be left with the impression that this is a natural condition

hot tub garden parasol

So of course he enrolls in the natural environment here!

The hot tub here is in the center of a private zone within this relaxation area, which is characterized by an open plan

hot tub garden around tiles

You can sit here relatively far away from the chairs and tables and enjoy your own peace relatively successfully.

Here you have kept the idea of ​​clean lines, but at the same time created a real relaxation effect

hot tub in the garden pool

It has a very original pool design, in which interesting the elements of a sauna and the Zen gardens can be seen.

In this case, one wanted by the whirlpool in the garden, to bring the feeling of the calm lake home

whirlpool in the garden white ceramics

 Because here you have calm water on the threshold of a wall landscape. Wood surrounds the interior and enhances this natural feeling all the more.

Here you have to do with artificial materials

Whirlpool in the garden quadrangular

By choosing the colors you have ensured that the whole does not change the natural character of the landscape.

Let's conclude with this dream! Does not this garden jacuzzi look like paradise?

All these designs are fantastic. This is partly because they are really in the right place. Every hot tub is in the garden. In addition, it has been placed there exactly in the right place.

Do you have any idea what the model of your whirlpool in the garden might look like?

whirlpool in garden bamboo ceramic white

Ultramodern and very elegant

whirlpool in the garden square noble

Generous facility

whirlpool in the garden dining table sitting area

Relax for two

hot tub in the garden exotic

With a small waterfall - original

hot tub in the garden tiles

The granite tiles in gray provide a subtle contrast

Whirlpool in the garden granite

With an extendable lid

whirlpool in the garden gray wood

Stylish canopy

whirlpool in the garden gray white

Integrated in the pool

whirlpool in the garden large plant

A special pleasure on gray days

Whirlpool in the garden semicircle

With the appropriate decoration and a few pillows

whirlpool in the garden wood striped pillows

Lush vegetation, fresh fruits and your favorite reading

hot tub in the garden wood ceramics

In a rustic look

hot tub in the garden wood panels

An incomparable holiday feeling

whirlpool in the garden

After the bath, relax on the lounger

Whirlpool in the garden in the corner

pure nature

Whirlpool in the garden limestone slabs

Noble wood and metal lanterns

whirlpool in the garden cherry wood

The whirlpool bath allows you to fully enjoy the sun

whirlpool in the garden small stairs

Round shape and colorful stones

hot tub garden

Furnished in Mediterranean style

hot tub garden

Jacuzzi with breathtaking views

Whirlpool in the garden with mountains

Remarkable mosaic

whirlpool garden mosaic

Create a rural ambience in the small garden

whirlpool in the garden natural wood

Purist and natural

whirlpool garden natural stones

Jacuzzi in the garden - quiet in the corner

whirlpool in the garden natural stones flowers

The wooden armchairs correspond perfectly with the natural stones

whirlpool in the garden natural stone wooden armchair

There are four people in this hot tub

hot tub garden palms flowers

Create tropical mood through many palm trees

whirlpool in the garden palms exotic

After swimming you can treat yourself to a whirlpool break

whirlpool in the garden palms oleander

The pergola made of light wood provides enough shade

hot tub in the garden pergola

Even your four-legged friend will have a lot of fun with it

hot tub in the garden pool dogs

Romantic with sparkling wine, strawberries and red roses

hot tub in the garden romantic for two

This makes a whirlpool bath even more enjoyable

Whirlpool in the garden around

Foam and heat

Whirlpool in the garden around tiles

Whirlpool in the garden of a country house

whirlpool in the garden rustic

Dreamlike and reflective in winter

whirlpool in the garden snow

Get a simple privacy screen made of cedar wood, for example

Whirlpool in the garden

If you like it Asian

hot tub in the garden privacy bamboo

Wooden floorboards and straw - Zen whirlpool

whirlpool in the garden sight protection dark wood

So a sparkling wine is even more fun

hot tub in the garden parasol

Shade according to your mood

whirlpool in garden parasol privacy

Geraniums and petunias refresh the whirlpool

Whirlpool in the garden stones geranium

Elegant canopy made of glass

  jacuzzi roofed in the garden

Wild and unique

whirlpool in the garden lush vegetation

Natural colors and palm tree

hot tub in the garden many seats

Especially pleasant for the back

whirlpool in the garden waterfall

Inflatable Jacuzzi

whirlpool in the garden white

An incredible wellness feeling

whirlpool in the garden wellness

A fantastic winter fairytale

whirlpool in garden winter mountains

Contemplative and mystical

Whirlpool in the garden tent lanterns