33 awesome creative gardening ideas for the summer

We are already in the middle of summer and want to enjoy it as much as possible. Do you feel that your garden is somehow lacking in mood? That is certainly not allowed! You can certainly do something about it! Here are some easy-to-implement and beautiful ideas for your garden design. Look at these and maybe you can realize one or the other in the next few days.

Decoration of rubber boots

The Wellington boots have proven to be a fertile field for DIY fans. These can be used as flower pots or decorative ideas in the garden. You can use them in the original color or spice them up with a variety of sprays and colors.

Gardening ideas with old rubber boots

gardening ideas gardening zaundekoration upcycling old rubber boots

Spice up the already existing elements in color

You can achieve a whole new look in the garden without any replacement of existing elements. For this purpose, paint the fence or the wooden chairs in various new shades.

Think of your children in summer garden design

gardening ideas garden tiles tile garden pavement children play

Old tires

Do you have some old rubber tires in the basement again? Paint them and use them to create beautiful plant beds. You can combine some flowers there. The hanging plants look especially nice in rubber tires.

Try it with chic stripes in red and white!

gardening ideas diy flower tubs old car tires painted ivy garden plants

Paint the old sieves in bright colors

Let's stay with the topic of DIY hanging staff a bit. These can be made, among other things, from old sieves, which are spiced up with spray. In a monochrome garden, where the green and the natural nuances dominate, they can serve as great accents.

Choose fresh colors!

gardening ideas diy flowerpot upcycling decoys kitchen sieves

Ceilings directly on the floor

Sometimes we should just sit on the floor for the perfect enjoyment. Long and colorful blankets, which are stretched directly on it, can serve this purpose wonderfully. You can use it to make a nice play area for the kids or recreation area for the adults. The colorful colors and great textiles also serve as a decoration.

This fits best rattan and wooden furniture

gardening ideas garden ideas garden furniture rattan wood furniture side table table decoration

Decoration from glass bottles

You can achieve more shine and transparency by using glass in the garden. If you do not want to invest in glass plates now, then you can spice up the garden with DIY projects from bottles. These serve as beautiful vases, for example, into which you put new bouquets or branches every few days.

You can make whole chandeliers or wind chimes yourself

gardening old glass bottles colorful glass garden decoration diy decoration ideas


The fairy lights are also an easy way to make the garden look more festive. Do you have trees in the garden? Maybe you can decorate their trunks with it. What about the fence?

Give your garden a magical flair!

gardening ideas decorating fairy lights trees decorating

Summer is nice, but you could make it even better! For this you need some small and successful decoration ideas. We wish you all the best and a wonderful summer 2016!

Funny and original upcycling ideas

gardening old car tires painted diy deco ideas gardening ideas

Make creative planters from old car tires in a jiffy yourself

gardening old car tires painted diy gardening planter

gardening old car tires flower tubs planters DIY DIY gardening ideas

Gardening Old Car Tires Grass Succulents Beets Doing DIY Garden Ideas

gardening make old car tires yourself

Old wooden boxes are perfect as wall shelves and flower stands

garden design old car tires zaundekoraton wooden boxes flower tub wall shelves make yourself

Vintage look with cactus and used tin cans

gardening old tin cans diy planters themselves make cactus succulents

What can you do with glass bottles in the garden?

gardening old glass bottles flower beds yourself build diy garden ideas

Gardening Old Glass Bottles Wind Chimes Making DIY DIY Garden Ideas

gardening old glass vase glass plate vintage birdbath

gardening old wooden chairs upcycling gardening ideas

gardening old childrens boots tin cans flowerpot wooden box herbal flowers

gardening old kitchen utensils kitchen sieve gardening diy

gardening old wheelbarrow upcycling ideas planter summer flowers petunia

gardening tin cans garden fence decoration tulips

gardening garden ideas diy upcycling wooden chair vintage yellow paint planting tub flower stand

gardening garden furniture garden sofa old shutters diy couch

gardening garden party decoration summer party ideas table decoration

gardening wooden boxes diy decoration ideas wall decoration succulent cacti

Garden Ideas DIY Decoration String Lights Old Wooden Ladder Bench

garden ideas old shoes silver sprout sukkulentena

gardening planters old bag succulents

gardening ideas gardening diy deco ideas tin cans painted potted flowers garden plants

garden ideas make overflowers flower tubs yourself

gardening ideas used glass bottles upcycled vases

make sukkulenten vintage dresser planter yourself