Design a shady seating area in the garden

shaded seating area in the garden dining area garden furniture solid wood

 You can easily overcome the heat this summer by securing a shady retreat in your back yard

We show you a variety of ideas on how to plan and realize your own personal corner in the open air.

    Make it easy

Enjoy a shady retreat in every corner of your garden and at any time with a simple parasol.

A beach umbrella, table and chairs, all combined in a mini outdoor room that you can enjoy all summer long.

  Under grapevines - shady seating area in the garden

shady sitting area in the garden exotic colors textures grapevine

Vines and vines provide the perfect shade, even in the sunniest place. Let them wander over a pergola to create a soft shade - and your garden room looks pretty elegant too!

Use structures

shady sitting area in the garden metallic chairs flowers structures

If your house, garage or other structure is throwing too much shade into your garden and almost no grass is growing there, create a shady oasis instead of a flower garden. Here in the picture you can see a charming little terrace flanked by Annabelle Hydrangeas.

Keep it simple

shady sitting area in the garden wooden chairs flowers plant pavement footpath

Although a pergola or terrace is cheap and breathtaking at the same time, you can have a spot in the garden that is just as personal without spending a lot of money on it. Here, a comfortable chair hides among the trees and flowering shrubs, a perfect place to escape the summer heat with a good book in hand or a glass of lemonade.

 You need water in the garden!

shady sitting area in the garden metallic water plant nautical

Any place where water splashes will give you more relaxation. Whether you have a large water facility or a simple well like this one on the picture here, water is the perfect way to enhance any outdoor space.

  As a mysterious escape

shady sitting area in the garden bench wooden pergola escape

Put a bench under the trees - this is a great way to cool off. You can make your room even more intimate and private by placing the bench under a rustic pergola, as is the case here. Then you can secure your privacy by covering the pergola with shade-tolerant grapevines, climbing hydrangeas or other autumn plants.

  Play with the colors!

shady sitting area in the garden drinks wooden bench cushions colors

We think, usually shady places are green and boring. But that does not always have to be the case. Here, a simple teak bench offers a great look and is the perfect way to relax. Colorful cushions in matching, friendly fabrics for the outside and add festive color.

  Be creative

shady sitting area in the garden creative design plant

Try to easily turn a spot in your garden into a shady retreat. Here an attractive garden path is united with a vine-covered pergola, creating the perfect location for a perfect weekend.

Realize interesting ideas

shady sitting area in the garden garden art bushes

Here's another great way to add interest to an area of ​​your garden where no lawn grows. A small brick patio is flanked by a fence and bizarre shade-tolerant shrubs.

 Use a fence!

shady sitting area in the garden rattan armchair shed fence

Shady does not always mean private - so if you want to really relax and stay from the neighbors' perspective, try a privacy fence. He blocks his eyes and makes you feel really at home.

    A gazebo maybe?

shady sitting area in garden gazebo asian style

In this simple pavilion you feel like you are in the middle of the forest - even if it is in a tree garden south of Boston. A structure like this makes your weekend perfect, private and comfortable in any case! There you can spend unforgettable hours as a couple or in a small group of close friends. Have fun from us!