Discover magical geometric shapes in nature

geometric shapes exotic flowers

Geometric shapes - unique plant pictures

 Who says mathematics is boring? Such geometric shapes as these look too perfect to be real. But they exist in nature and in a special case in plants. We tend to believe that perfect geometry can only be created by human hands.

That is a complete mistake. Even Galileo Galilei writes in his Il Saggiatore: "The universe was written in the language of mathematics - its characteristics are triangles, circles and other geometric figures". Real artists know that there is an embroidered order in nature. They first observe the natural creations for hours in order to imitate them perfectly.

The perfect spiral of Drosophyllum Lusitanicum

geometric shapes drosophyllum lusitanicum

For millennia, human civilization has sought to understand the perfect geometry in nature. So Plato in the 4th century BC. BC believed that symmetry in nature was a proof of the existence of universal forms. The famous British logician and mathematician Alan Turing has explained in his contributions on theoretical biology the way in which the geometric patterns were formed in nature.

Already as children we admired the beautiful structures of the snow crystals. It's like a real magic. Perfect fractals, exact symmetry - how does nature manage to achieve such perfection in the forms?

Marvel! Take a look at these beautiful plant mandalas that we have collected for you here. Next time you are in nature, try to find geometric shapes. You will be surprised what a variety unfolds before your eyes.

Exotic porcelain flower - Hoya aldrichii

geometric shapes hoya aldrichii

Spiral Aloe Polyphylla

nature shapes aloe polyphylla

Perfect Geometry in Purple - the Amazon Lily Leaf

geometric shapes lily

Stable nature construction

nature shapes amazonas lilies

Majestic Dahlia in violet

geometric shapes dahlia blossom violet

Ginkgo tree - close-up

geometric shapes ginkgo tree leaves

The three-dimensional Hygrophila Corymbosa

nature forms Hygrophila corymbosa

Brain-shaped cactus

geometric shapes cactus

Green nature mandala - the lobelia

nature shapes lobelia

 The whimsical Pelecyphora Aselliformis

geometric shapes pelecyphora aselliformis

Magnificent camellia flower

nature shapes red camellia blossom

The secret of red cabbage

geometric shapes red cabbage fractal

The perfection of the sunflower blossom

geometric shapes sunflower blossom

Prickly succulent spiral

geometric shapes spiral succulent

Delicate white flowers in circle

geometric shapes viola sacculus violets

Nature Geometry in the Water - Sedum-like Ludwigie

geometric shapes aquatic plant ludwigia sedioides sedum similar to Ludwigie