Make an original plant pot from stump itself

plant pot tree stump succulent cacti

Instructions for a plant pot of a special kind

 Felling a tree is a pretty expensive thing. The removal from the tree stump is even more complicated and cumbersome. That is why many gardeners have considered creating effective plant pots out of the tree stumps. Do you already have such an original plant pot in your own garden?

If not, then you should definitely take advantage of this and find out how to do it the easiest way.

Awaken the lonely, dreary stump to a new life and transform it into a beautiful, vibrant mini-garden. You can plant all sorts of plant species - succulents and cacti, magnificent petunias and violets or beautiful daffodils and tulips - just everything your heart desires.

In this way, your garden will be even more stylish

plant pot stump daffodils mushrooms red tulips

Instructions for a stump plant stump:

You definitely need goggles to do it all safely. Start carefully with the pointed end of the Rodehacke to make a hole in the middle of the top of the stump. As the hole gets bigger, turn the wider side of the hoe over and start working on the stump. Leave about 8 cm wide strips between the hole and the edge. It is best to make the hole about 15-20 cm deep.

Triple joy of life from flowers

plant pot tree stump triple colorful flowers

Then drill some small holes on the side with a 8/20 x 5/7 cm wide auger. Take care that the holes are inclined to the ground so that the water can flow out well.

 To make the drainage even better, fill a part of the hole with gravel and put the potting soil on top. You can easily mix 30% compost with 70% potting soil. Now only the desired flowers or plants remain to be planted. Finished!

Make a spring dream yourself

plant pot tree stump yellow red tulips

Beautiful flowers

plant pot tree stalk lilac flowers

For real tulip fans

plant pot stump pink pink tulips

Summer flowers combine

plant pot snag summer flowers

Succulents will feel particularly comfortable here

plant pot snag succulents green plants

It would be optimal if the tree stump is covered with tree fungi

plant pot tree stump tiny flower yellow

Stability and tenderness in one

plant pot tree stump delicate flowers

Plant fragrant petunia

plant pot stump petite petunia purple

Create a fairytale mini garden

plant pot miniature fairytale green meadow garden decoration

Plant pot made of tree stump can be very easy

plant pot tulips tree stump garden decoration