Typical autumn flowers make your garden glow

Dear readers! We at the editors of freshideen hope that you all spent an unforgettable summer, full of positive emotions and great experiences. In the warmest of seasons, there are so many beautiful and enticing things around us. The sun shines pleasantly with us and makes our gardens and parks appear in their full glory. Let alone from the own garden landscape! Now the summer is slowly coming to an end and the arrival of autumn is clearly felt in the morning and in the evening. Although the new season brings bad weather, rain and fog, we can not do without the flowers of our garden. But on the contrary! Try to keep the summery flair in your outdoor area as long as possible! This may seem like an unattainable task, but there are beautiful autumn flowers that, with little care, make every garden glow even in the fall.

In the autumn, it should not necessarily be bald and colorless in the garden

autumn flowers tagetes in their wonderful beauty

We have already presented some late-flowering garden flowers in another article. Now comes the next group of autumn blooms that bring enchanting colors to the garden and make it appear inviting even in the cool season. The wonderfully blooming autumn flowers counteract the dreary weather. They remind us daily of the past summer and breathe a better mood.

Her motley play of colors outside is really enchanting. Are you already curious about which flowers are exactly? Then stay with us and enjoy the autumnal sea of ​​flowers in picture and text!

Colorful autumn flowers provide a wonderful play of colors in the garden bed

autumn flowers Gladiolus in pink beautifies the outside area in autumn

Sun hat (Echinacea)

The coneflower is a typical perennial native to North America, but is well distributed in our country. Specialists and hobby gardeners distinguish two types, which look very similar. The yellow sun hat (Rudbeckia fulgida) is still called Yellow or Shining Sun Hat and the Red Sun Hat (Echinacea purpurea), also known as the hedgehog head or purple sunhat. All names are correct and refer to the same beautiful flowering, hardy and easy-care perennial plants. They bloom in the garden throughout the summer until late autumn. The implantation takes place in the spring.

The sun hat prefers a sunny to shady location in the garden and will thank you for it with its natural flowers. In the bed you can plant a larger group of sun hats, where they are considered by their colorful flowers as the undisputed eye-catcher. They are not only a pleasure for our eyes, but still lure many bees and butterflies. If you want to design a real farm garden, then opt for sun hats. They bring your outdoor area to shine in the fall!

 Sun hats can grow up to 1.50 m high

autumn flowers sonenhut in beautiful autumn color

Gladiolus (Gladiolus)

A noble note in the garden introduce the gladioli. Just like the sun hat, the gladiolus grows tall, their long, sword-shaped stems are decorated with particularly interesting shaped flowers. They can be white, red, pink, yellow, orange or violet colored. These autumn flowers belong to the family of the iris family and because of their wonderful blooms they look also in vases ravishing. These flowers like sunlit locations outside. They are originally from the Mediterranean and North Africa and feel really good on warm days. They are easy to care for, but must be watered and fertilized regularly to drive out their beautiful flowers. The gladioli are hardy, but we recommend that you remove the tubers from the ground after flowering. Leave them in a cool and dry place for the winter.

Adorable the gladioli look in the autumn garden

autumn flowers for the garden gladiolas


The Tagetes are still known under the name Portenblume, Turkish carnation or collecting flower. These autumn flowers are named after the Etruscan demi-god day. About 60 Tagetes species, originally from Mexico, Argentina and South America, are known. These are perennial garden plants that spread a wonderful scent. But there are also species that have a strong smell and thus distribute insects. These are typical autumn flowers that only bloom in October and retain their natural beauty until late autumn. The Tagetes plants like a sunny spot in the garden and prefer a well-drained, slightly moist soil. They are easy to care but very attractive and bring a lot of color and scent to your autumn garden.

Color and scent make the garden a beautiful place even in autumn

autumn flowers tagetes in beautiful autumnal colors

Autumn timeless (Colchicum autumnale)

The Herbstzeitlose is on our list the next beautiful autumn flower that shows its delicate flowers late in September and October. Unfortunately, it is poisonous to humans and animals, so be forewarned! This crocus-like flower blooms from August to November, its flowering time can not be accurately determined, i. she is timeless. This is exactly the reason why the autumn flower owes its name - autumn timeless. It does not require care. After flowering, it stays in the ground and winters there. If somehow it does not hinder its reproduction, a new one forms out of the old tuber in spring. From this comes the first dark green leaves in spring. Delicate flowers drives the Herbstzeitlose much later. Prefers a moist soil on meadows and pastures, of course, in the garden.

What do you know about the autumn time lot actually?

autumn flowers the delicate beauty of the autumnal lot

Stonecrop (Sedum)

The stonecrop was named perennial of 2011. It is found in many gardens. This autumn flower is native to Asia and is a quite undemanding perennial garden plant. Through its thick green leaves, the Fetthenne is noticed, but only their delicate flowers in the fall make them a real eye-catcher in the garden. These garden flowers are hardy, extremely easy to clean and suitable for inexperienced hobby gardeners who do not have a green thumb. The sedum plants like a sunny spot and can thrive well in dry soil. They are drought-resistant and only need to be cast during long periods of drought. Only in autumn does the stonecrop show its flowers, which are colored in white, yellow, red and pink. So these autumn flowers contribute a lot to the natural beauty of every garden.

Sedum has an extraordinary presence in the autumnal garden

autumn flowers sedum beautifies the autumnal garden

Do you want to bring more color into your garden? Which autumn flower have you already selected?

Herbstblumen herbstzeitlose brings a fresh flair

autumn flowers sun hat refreshes the garden in autumn

autumn flowers plant sunhat in the backyard

autumn flowers sedum brings color to the autumnal garden