Outdoor shower – garden shower for an even better summer!

Outdoor shower makes the summer really fresh

We do not need so much to feel really comfortable and relaxed in the summer. So is the common opinion. But that's not quite true. The beautiful facilities, such as The garden chairs, beautiful chairs and other great garden furniture contribute to the perfect summer enjoyment also very strong.

Having outdoor shower in summer is a real treat

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And the garden shower? It is not mandatory in the opinion of most homeowners. Is it worth it or should you totally give it up? What kind of benefits does it have and what types of garden showers are there? How do we integrate a garden shower so that we can get the most out of our garden furnishings?

Let us find the answers to these questions together.

Outdoor shower transforms the garden into a functional space

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Simple design, which takes almost no space

garden ideas outdoor shower instalation simple gravel garden fashion ideas

Decide between the flexible and the permanently installed garden shower!

The first basic decision you should make is between a fixed and flexible solar shower. Of course, the first variant is not always so comfortable because it depends on the external conditions on how much hot water you will have. On the other hand, a garden shower could easily be dismantled and moved to another location.

This outdoor shower looks a little rustic on the garden look

garden ideas garden shower instal rustic

The solar showers are also, as is well understood, the greener solution. In this case, you save energy because your garden shower is powered by the sun.

The permanently installed variants are suitable for a well-developed outdoor area. They are a luxury solution and they make us feel that we have spread our solid living area. Of course they are not as economical and flexible as the solar showers. However, we can always have warm water.

Mosaic will liven up the exterior

garden ideas garden shower mosaic gardening ideas

The fixed showers are associated with a greater effort in the fall. At this time, special measures must be taken so that they do not freeze in winter or be damaged by the cold.

Do not neglect the DIY variant

A third solution would be the DIY showers. They can be of two types. The only advantage here is the price.

Maybe you want to install the outdoor shower yourself?

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Different materials and designs

At the showers we have different materials and designs. They are increasingly becoming an integral part of gardening and so it is important that they inscribe themselves according to external criteria. Most models are made of wood or metal, and you can find a variety of designer designs.

Close to nature and inspiring

outdoor shower summery mood garden plants

Unusual idea for the garden shower

outdoor shower garden ideas summer

Practical aspects of using a garden shower

There are some practical aspects that should always be considered during installation. The garden shower must be installed so that the water can drain well. It is also important that you avoid the risk of slipping. Choose a safe material for the floor covering in the shower and on the way to this!

Taking a shower outdoors in the summer is a cool summer experience

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Ultimately, you should think about your privacy. Do not you want to be seen and protected from prying eyes while using the outdoor shower? You can then install or build an artificial wall next to the shower.

The garden shower in country style framing

outdoor shower gardening ideas country style

Protect your privacy

outdoor shower walkway fashion sink garden design ideas

See that it also meets the aesthetic demands of your garden design!

We wish you lots of fun this summer right outside in your garden and enjoy the benefits of your garden shower!

Take a bath outdoors

Garden Ideas Garden Shower Bathtub Stone Wall

Great variety of variations as you install the garden shower

Garden ideas garden shower build yourself plant

Garden shower with shelter

outdoor shower instal garden garden ideas

Glass doors allow for cool views

garden ideas luxurious garden shower fixed instaliert

Minimalist and functional

outdoor shower outdoor area shape ideas

Protected from foreign eyes

outdoor shower shower cabin country style

Light the area around the garden shower

outdoor shower modern garden ideas shelves

This garden shower looks quite natural

outdoor shower build your own garden ideas summery stones plants

Keep in contact with nature through an appropriate design

outdoor shower partition wall privacy stone wall garden ideas