Garden House Inspiration – 23 original ideas for your rest oasis in the garden

How about a nice little garden house?

Need fresh garden shed inspiration? Maybe as a child you dreamed of hiding in a fairytale house and romping around with your friends. And even if you have not, then you have often thought of adults as a small hideaway that is always close to you, right? Especially if you have a garden, it would be a very small allotment, you can build a garden shed yourself or order from a manufacturer ready. We have already collected a lot of garden house ideas for you and would like to present them today.

We love wood. That's why we focused mainly on this material. Depending on taste, personal preferences, lifestyle and financial conditions, you can choose different types of wood and quality levels. Pine and spruce are the first choice if you do not want to invest a lot. These woods are bright and inexpensive, but unfortunately they are not weather resistant enough. So, if you want to enjoy your garden house for a long time, you should z. B. decide for larch. This type of wood is weatherproof and can also be glazed perfectly. Slowly it gets darker because of the sunlight, which is not bad at all. This makes it look even more authentic and effective. Robinie is also a very durable wood, which is always recommended for your outdoor areas. This hard wood needs no impregnation at all and is even suitable for paving.

Build a fairytale garden house yourself

garden house ideas wooden house pavillion crystal chandelier

In general, however, most woods need the right impregnation against fungal attack and insects as well as the appropriate wood care against moisture, sunlight and wind. Take a look at Woca, for example. There you will find the right thing for your garden house. Wood care at Woca is 100% Danish quality and includes not only the actual care, but also the pre-treatment and maintenance of the wood products.

We wish you a lot of success and a good luck!

Spend romantic afternoons in nature

garden house build wood barrack light chains bed

Lush green in summer

garden house ideas garden pavilion self build wooden house summer flowers

Fresh air and lots of sunlight

garden house ideas wood house landscaping

Charming cottage in shabby chic style

garden house ideas garden pavilion self build inspiration bookcases bed sofa folding table

Or do you rather prefer the vintage charm?

garden house ideas wooden house itself build used wood chipping boards

garden house ideas wooden house build your own landscaping garden plants

garden house ideas garden pavilion wooden house build yourself colorful wood panels potted flowers hydrangeas

A roof greening is not a bad idea for your garden shed

garden house ideas garden pavilion wooden house roof greening

For real fans of modern architecture

garden house ideas garden pavilion itself build wood chalkboard malbude

Floral frenzy and beguiling aromas

garden house ideas garden pavilion to build allotments inspiration

Or maybe you stand on Nordic clarity and balanced contrast?

garden house ideas big wood diy inspiration

Lay the garden house directly to the beach? Why not?

garden ideas beach house wooden house build yourself

Pure heavenly relaxation

garden house ideas garden pavilion self build wood glass bed lounger

Unforgettable evenings with southern flair

garden ideas garden pavilion lounge sofa rattan chairs metal lanterns

Warm wood textures provide more comfort and peace

garden house ideas garden pavilion inspiration wood wall paneling glass door

Summer idyll with vegetable garden

garden ideas garden pavilion allotment garden wooden house vegetable garden

Straightforward design and optimum comfort

garden house ideas garden pavilion straight lines modern architecture