Indoor plants suitable for dark locations

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Some easy-care potted plants for your home

Even if you properly care for your houseplants, their growth may slow down if they do not get enough sunlight. There are many rooms that are very dark and unlit. The good news is that you can also grow potted plants there - the ones listed below develop in dark locations.

Indoor plants for dark locations

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Fresh foliage

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Syngonium podophyllumе is a decorative foliage plant that grows in low light. The ideal location for this is a windowsill to the north. In direct sunlight, its foliage becomes pale and lifeless. You should fertilize the soil regularly and keep it moderately moist.

Thick leaves and saturated green

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Apply fertilizer

Aspidistra indoor plants for dark locations

In the Victorian era was Aspidistra eliator to see almost every restaurant and pub. Because of its ability to survive in low light, this plant was later named "the unshakeable flower". You can grow them in a flower pot. The potting soil should be fertilized regularly. From late spring to early summer, keep the soil moderately moist, and once a year let it completely wither between two irrigations. Water-soluble fertilizers should be used here.

Interesting, bicoloured leaves

Dieffenbahcia houseplants for dark locations

Cute flowers

Dieffenbachie flowers potted plants dark locations

This plant is best known for its remarkable leaves and, in addition to the weak light, likes the low humidity. The Dieffenbachie needs little water, so do not overdo it with watering, otherwise the roots will lazy. The plant is poisonous and damages open wounds.

The Efeutute is a climbing plant that is easy to maintain and thrives easily in any home

Ivy house house plants for dark locations

It needs regular watering, but allow the upper 6-7 cm to wither completely before watering again. Their roots can easily rot, so keep an eye on the amount of water. From spring to autumn, fertilize this plant in 2-3 weeks with universal, water-soluble fertilizer. Constant pruning will keep the efeutute fresh.

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Aspidistra indoor plants for dark locations