Garden decoration ideas from cheap and cheap materials

Beautify your garden - garden decoration ideas from cheap plastics and materials

garden art garden decor itself make idea materials materials happy

Unique garden art graces an untraditional backyard. Homeowner, Dave, uses plastic materials, such as hula hoops, inexpensive toys, and flower pots to add more color and life to the yard, which he shares with his wife and three children.

In a space between a walkway and a concrete wall are 6-foot tall plastic flowers 

plastic flowers garden decoration idea garden art materials materials inexpensive

Small discoballs create sparkling centers for the shiny red, yellow and orange plastic flower petalsdisco balls shiny garden decoration idea yellow red accent garden art

A mosaic column - inspiration from spanish architectchildren mosaic column garden decoration ideas garden art

The creativity of Dave was inspired by the whimsical designs of the Spanish architect Antonios Gaudi. After a trip to Spain, Dave decided to create a mosaic column bearing the names of his children.

A tile on a pillar of red wood positioned

bed children mosaic column tile garden deco idea stylish dark redwood

Dave worked the night after his children had gone to bed. He broke a tile and positioned it on a pillar of red wood. Later he noticed that he put the tile on the wrong side because he could not see well in the dark.

This sculpture is decorated with green and silver marble tiles

mosaictiere glass green red tongue eyes blue glass

Dave also used his skills to craft whimsical mosaic animals and creatures. This sculpture is decorated with green, silver and glass marble tiles. Tiny blue pearls surround his red eyeballs and a tongue hangs from his grinning mouth.

This creature is adorned with yellow tiles and gray and white pebbles and slides along a short rock wall

sculpture stone wall white yellow tile garden decor

Garden Decoration Ideas - Awaken your Imagination!

no rules instructions plastics materials garden decoration ideasDave recommends experimenting. Because there are no rules or instructions, you can give your creativity free rein to guide you. Since you use inexpensive and cheap materials, you will not be disappointed if your final results look different from what you imagined.

Funny and torn materials purchased from the one-euro shop

cheap inexpensive kunsstoffe shop idea deco garden art

Dave finds funny and cunning materials in the one-euro shop and they inspire him in his work. He has no art education.

Many colorful circles of paper in the garden - decoration idea

colorful studio materials garden decoration ideas create beings

Over time, Dave has filled a colorful studio with items he has created and collected: colorful tubes, marbles, plates of plastic, and anything that could someday be used by Dave in one of his products.

Original garden decor ideas for every backyard

bug deco idea glass marbles plastic plastic colorful colors

"It's all a rehearsal and a mistake," says Dave. Some would be very surprised, but Dave is very pleased with his results.

Beautiful results from plastics

plastics decoration garden art idea backyard

In the end, when you feel happy and whenever you go to your backyard, there is something important. 'Believe me,' says Dave, 'Nobody ever told me,' Could you come and do that in my yard? '

A collection of orange, lime and blue foam noodles contrast with the wooden fence.

orange lime green blue foam noodle garden deco idea art

It is also a wise idea to make garden art of various sizes and heights to create layers of different depths of vision and levels

colorful garden decoration idea visual depth level art garden

Trees are surrounded by a plethora of royal, blue and green aquarium gravel

garden art decoration idea backyard recycled material pvc

There are some places in the backyard of Dave where plastic hits. Trees are surrounded by huge amounts of royal, blue and green aquarium gravel. Black PVC tubes serve as an untraditional border.

Color combination of yellow and blue - flower fountain

garden decoration ideas flower pot backyard create imagination

A yellow and blue flower fountain bubbles in a corner of the courtyard. Striped tubes form a ring at the base of the design, surrounded by a small pool.

Inexpensive, small balls in pastel shade

plastic materials idea gardendeko colorful

Inexpensive, small balls in pastel shades - pink, yellow, and green accentuate the unique fountain.

 Jigsaw white tiles surround beautiful and colorful flowersmosaickrei tiles white red yellow green tree garden deco

A mosaic circle around the base of a tree provides a cool and shady place. Jigsaw white tiles surround beautiful and colorful flowers.

Each wooden board is painted in different shades of the jungle

bench green colors garden decoration ideas

The bench surrounding a tree on the terrace received a different treatment. Each wooden board was painted in different shades of the jungle: green, light green and yellow green, the painter chose.

Garden decoration ideas made of plastic

garden decoration ideas art originality decoration

Many people wonder about Dave's imagination and original ideas, but at the end of the day he still refuses to call it art. This is not art. This is a big, funny experiment. '

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