14 Landscaping Examples of how your Feng Shui garden becomes even more harmonious

Feng Shui garden four bamboo

New findings Feng Shui garden design in examples

You have found out that in the summer Feng Shui Garden is as important to you as designing the interior ambience? Do you need new insights because you are no longer sure if your Feng Shui gardening knowledge is up to date? If yes, then read on.

In the Feng Shui philosophy, everything is based on the processes in nature

Feng Shui garden bridge

Variety and balance

The Feng Shui garden has to show variety. At the same time, balance must be achieved within this change. This creates the positive energy that will also impress your family.

They can use a wide variety of shapes and sizes. But peaks and edges should be avoided. They cause aggressiveness and thus conflicts and other similar negative events.

It is aimed at an absolute perfection

Feng Shui garden absolutely

The divine animals

But here too one has a lot of superstition. There are a number of divine animals. You must be present in a Feng Shui garden. In one form or another, a path to its presentation has to be found. Otherwise, there is a risk that they will annoy and do you unpleasant.

Dragons, tigers and turtles must be present in a Feng Shui garden. But do not worry too much! It does not mean that you have to hire a garden designer immediately. There is also a symbolic way to represent these animals.

The energy of life should always be in an uninterrupted flow

Garden design examples Feng Shui garden bridge in the garden

The dragon can be symbolically presented through a stone path. This should best happen in a Feng Shui garden in the left half. A tiger might be present in the form of low bushes. For the turtle, a tree trunk or a set of seats could be present.

Put on the Chi energy

At the finish, Feng Shui, whether it's the garden or the interior, will attract Chi energy. This can only be done by taking care of the garden as a precaution.

In addition to the power animals, we find small, hidden force figures, such as the laughing Buddha, for example

Feng Shui garden the laughing Buddha

The following must not be allowed:

  • Fallen rotten leaves;
  • Dry branches;
  • Rotten flowers;

All this hinders the flow of energy flow and badly affects the health of the plants.

Animals and plants are carefully maintained and selected

Garden design examples Feng Shui garden four goldfish

Shade and sun

The Feng Shui garden design examples have succeeded, if a good alternation between shady and sunny places is visible. Thus one achieves a balance between Ying and Yang - the energies of male and female origin.

There must be no rotten leaves in sight. Also, the water should always flow

Feng Shui garden stone fountain landscaping examples

The plants in a Feng Shui garden

Even plants, through their symbolism, color and location, can greatly influence the energy in the Feng Shui garden. You should strive to have plants that bloom all year long, always ready. How to promote chi energy.

Also important is the variety in the shape of the leaves. These sharpened shapes bring in more Ying energy, and the round ones let in Yang.

The nails, as well as edges and sharp objects, cause aggression. These should preferably be positioned on the edge of the house.

A successful Feng Shui garden is balanced, this calms people

Feng Shui garden in northern ireland

The colors of the plants and the directions in a Feng Shui garden

The colors of the plants and their flowers should be in harmony with the cardinal directions. In the east, the evergreens should be. So you help to fulfill your wishes. White should dominate the west, so you have great romantic experience. Blue in the northwest ensures good professional development. Red in the south stands for many contacts and active social life.

The cardinal directions serve as an important orientation for the positioning

Feng Shui Garden cherry peeling

Aromatic plants

According to the rule of designing a Feng Shui garden, the aromatic plants should be placed around the front door. Lavender can be distributed throughout the garden. He is always a source of good humor and smile.

Meditation is also part of the Feng Shui philosophy

Feng Shui garden stones


Even jasmine brings good mood and mood with it. But its meaning gives way from place to place where the jasmine is located. In the east you promote health through this garden flower, in the southeast you take care of the financial stability. By planting jasmine in the southwest you will ensure more harmony at home.

Landscaping examples jasmin feng shui

Four power animals can be found in the garden dragon, tiger, turtle and eagle

Feng Shui garden animals dragon gardening examples

The trees in the Feng Shui garden

The trees in Feng Shui Garden have a very serious meaning. The conifers are among the most important. They stand there as symbols of wisdom and lethargy. But they must not grow too high, so that the balance between the divine animals is not disturbed.

The shapes and colors are selected and summarized according to strict rules

Feng Shui garden four figs gardening examples

Decoration in the Feng Shui garden

The decoration plays a very important role in the Feng Sui garden. She provides the variety in this.

It is believed that the water brings the most luck. That's why you should consider small fountains and artificial lakes. Suitable directions for these would be north, east or southeast.

In no case should the water stop or be polluted. This brings a lot of negative energy.

The design of the garden should create a feeling of cosmic order

Feng shui garden four lotus gardening examples

When decorating the Feng Shui Garden, one would prefer the curved and curved lines. Thus avoid the sharp edges. Otherwise, special measures for covering the edges and edges would be necessary.

A feng shui garden is supposed to represent the eternal source of life

Feng Shui garden chi energy garden design examples

Garden furniture in Feng Shui garden

Combine the garden furniture with different materials. Thus, none prevails and gains in over-meaning. Balance is above all other principles in this aspect of the Feng Shui garden furniture. The same applies to the decorative figures. Mix at least three materials, preferably ceramic, wood and metal.

We wish you wonderful and relaxed summer days in your Feng Shui garden!

..and to protect and enjoy beauty in all its expressions

Feng shui garden water lily