Build a pizza oven yourself: they have to consider that!

Building a pizza open yourself is worthwhile for many reasons. They ensure a year-round culinary enjoyment, save a lot of money and can guarantee the quality of the construction itself. On the Internet there are a number of different tutorials on the subject. They clearly show how you can build a pizza oven yourself step by step. We have added such a video at the end of this article. However, we recommend that you also search for other similar tips and ideas. But there are some things to consider in all projects. We would now like to point out these elements in the construction process of the pizza oven.

Brick would be a possible material that you can use for the pizza oven

pizza oven brick two bullets

What material would you like to use to build your pizza oven yourself?

Depending on the instructions, you can use different building materials for the pizza oven. The most used are concrete and natural stone. These can be used for both the foundation and the worktop. Both materials can also be combined. However, there are certain features depending on the project.

If you use concrete, you should mix these metal bars. The combination of both materials brings with it other peculiarities. If you e.g. If you want to use stones over a concrete foundation, then this must first dry very well. So in this case you should work slowly and very precautionary.
For a pizza oven, you do not always have to buy new materials. Often you can use leftovers from other construction projects.

For this one uses natural, brick and concrete

pizza oven two levels

Other materials that could be used are sand, gravel, straw, a jet net and clay.
If the pizza oven is also curved, you need appropriate materials, such as hardboard. The instructions for such a pizza oven can be found here. In the sense of a traditional look you also use bricks. These cover the arched surface. There are a number of other alternatives in terms of materials. Learn from the following article how to use a gym ball to build a pizza oven yourself.

Instead of building a pizza oven, you can find a modern alternative

pizza oven in metal black

The shape and size of your pizza oven

Of course, the shape and size of your pizza oven also has many different variants. Adapt it to your own needs, as well as the garden and house design. As in all areas of design, the L-shape has also become very popular with pizza ovens in recent years. It looks very conspicuous, and at the same time you save a lot of space.

You can also wall the pizza oven in the wall

built-in pizza oven build yourself

Adapt the pizza oven to your everyday life!

Make a list of bullet points with your own criteria for the pizza oven. How tall should he be? Which shape would be ideal for your home and garden design? How cold, humid and windy will you be in winter? How do you position and build your pizza oven to protect it against these external conditions? Answer all these questions for yourself as you evaluate all the possibilities. We wish you much success and a really great culinary delight.

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build a traditional pizza oven yourself

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Pizza oven on the outside of the wood

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great pizza oven to build yourself from bricks
build a traditional pizza oven yourself

White pizza oven in a garden