Front garden design – how do you want to design your front garden?

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Front garden design - basic principles

The basic principles sound like something that never changes. But actually you have to keep up with them not only as a hobby gardener. Because there is, in the front yard layout, as in every other area too, many innovations.

That's why we always try to remember the basic principles of the garden design in spring. Do you think you can not learn anything new? Then do not read this article! Otherwise, stay with it.

The lighting at night is essential for the atmosphere achieved

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Design a network of paths in the front yard

Make a path that runs naturally through the front yard

Do not be so quick and hasty when planning the garden paths. Let the kids and the animals run a bit at first. You will notice that they follow the same lines again and again. Should not you then take them for your paths?

Achieve a fabulous garden look!

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The design of the paths must make sense

The paths in your front garden design would have to make sense. They would have to lead somewhere or serve something practical. You would need to bring you to a recovery zone or help you care for the plants more easily.

The style should be noticeable at the entrance

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Double purpose as decoration

Aesthetics is no less important than functionality. Having more fun in life makes you feel a lot more motivated. Consider decorative bricks.

Create a fairytale look

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Spice up the appearance of the facade with the matching atrium design

What does your atrial design need from a practical point of view?

Let's start in a nutshell. Can you easily see the entrance through which you enter or drive in by car? Is that alright, whether you come from the right or the left? Does it perhaps coincide with the time of day when you start here? Do you observe your own house from this perspective or do you ask other people about it? By fitting with plants, you could correct any disadvantages of this kind nicely.

Create a fresh ambience

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Spice up the house facade with some paint

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Make the facade more appealing

It's beautiful when you come home to a building that you already like from the outside, right? Is your house one? Is it doing well in the environment so that it contributes to the overall harmonious appearance? Has it at the same time its own distinctive character. Would it look better if it was a bit higher or wider? By the same method of walking past your house from different sides, and also through consultations with friends, acquaintances and neighbors, you could find out.

Make for a stylish garden design

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If it turns out that something is still convertible, then do it. Collect front garden design ideas that mask the identified disadvantages, or stretch the appearance of the house purely visually in the length or in the width.

Plants and structures

The plants and structures are in a sense opposites. But only to a certain extent. As a rule, the first ones are capable of being transformed and also displaceable, while the others are less so. But this changes from case to case. Because certain trees and rifle can be difficult to implement, some "solid" structures against it - already. So the functions could be reversed.

Fresh plants make the garden look livelier

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One generally has in the front yard layout, to deal with permanent and flexible structures. You have to consider the second ones as the pillars of this and the first - as the "institution". Just as in the interior design. First, look at ideas for the design of the front garden with regard to the permanent elements. Then you also look for pictures and sources of inspiration for the "flexible" device. Make a plan that goes from the general to the detail step by step.

Functional entrance area and, if necessary, plan stairs

Unless you live in a remote and dangerous place or want to give your home a certain mystical character, then you should create a clear and concise vision through the front garden layout. You'd have to see more clearly how to get to the front door via the walkway. The bell should be visible and not hidden somewhere. Setting up something inviting does not mean boring it. There are a number of plants that could accentuate the paths and other accents in the entrance area.

Make the garden look more spacious

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At the entrance you will feel a nice smell

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For the stairs, the rule is that they should be as wide as the stairs connecting them. They should have an empathic and eye-catching character. They could also be spiced up. This goes well with the change in texture, color and also interesting plants that are used there.

Stone is beautiful in the garden

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Frame and edges

Edges that look natural and at the same time give a special character to the entrance area are an art. But it pays to invest in this effort, as they bring the front garden design to a whole new level. To make everything clearer, you should set here and there accents with plants.

Order in the garden also plays a role

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Choose a style

When designing the front garden, as with all other matters, the style issues play a very large and important role. The elements and principles involved here are fundamental. You can choose a traditional design for your region, or in your district or place a very exotic element. Think of the Mediterranean style in all its different variations.

Create an elegant ambience where different events can be organized

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Rich planting

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Trees stand for duration and durability

What about planting trees? Firstly, in the long term, they can be the elements that expand your home vertically, if you wish. Furthermore, they have a symbolic power, which also subconsciously conveys the desire for permanence and perseverance. This ensures harmony and a friendly atmosphere among residents and visitors. Trees are an important element. It is one of those who make a simple building into a home.

Trees in the garden

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The extras ...

Now that you have set up the main structures and elements, you will now also find time for the "extras". They are not compulsory, but urgently needed somewhere. Because everyone needs the small pleasures in life, which make their presence so suddenly different. It could be an exotic tree or any other accent plant.

To this group, come other facilities, such as the hanging plant containers. Often these also have an aestheticizing, decorative purpose. They bring not infrequently, but also a great practical benefit. This can be about getting more space to plant plants.

Simple garden design

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Create a nice relaxing corner

garden design garden furniture recreation

Make for attractive decorating ideas in the garden

gardening ideas planting unusual flowerpots

Pebbles find good use in the garden

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