20 of the most beautiful bonsai trees as inspiration in spring

Bonsai trees for a meditative Zen mood at home

Bonsai trees are like no other – they radiate unparalleled attraction and captivate with magical aura. Especially in spring, some of them reward their owners with magnificent flowers – azaleas, cherry and apple trees and many other tree species just look magical. But also the conifers have a decidedly mystical and meditative effect and create a relaxing ambience in the room. The ancient bonsai art originated in China and was later adopted by Japanese Buddhism. Today, bonsai trees are known in almost every country in the world and they are extremely popular. As with normal trees, planting a bonsai tree is a mission. Every tree is a living being, to be cared for with much patience and love. For bonsai trees, care is even more important. One should therefore be informed in advance in more detail, if you want to buy or plant a bonsai tree. Here are some important practical tips on how to properly care for a bonsai tree.

Beautiful azaleas as bonsai trees

bonsai trees azalea flowers pink

Depending on your taste and personal preferences, you can choose your very own bonsai tree. You will find a diverse selection in the market. For example, look at Ladenzeile.de. Maybe you’ll find your ultimate bonsai tree right there. Here you can buy from about 20 euros a bonsai tree.

Of course, there are also those that are quite expensive – some even cost more than 3 000 euros and are intended primarily for real connoisseurs and passionate collectors.

You can also have the wisteria as a bonsai tree in the living room

bonsai trees wisteria wisteria mini tree

For those of you who like innovative technologies but also want to give them a meditative Zen touch, the Air Bonsai trees will certainly be of interest. These simply float in the air and provide an extra dose of magical mood in your own home. Take a look at all our Bonsai trees and find your favorite or browse the internet and stay inspired!

We wish you lots of fun and success!

And how about a beautiful sakura cherry tree as bonsai?

bonsai trees sakura cherry tree mini pink flowers

Gorgeous bonsai tree decorated with magnificent flowers

bonsai trees flowers white ceramic flower pot

Mini apples in ceramic planter

bonsai trees mini apple tree apples

Bring the Far Eastern flair to the living room

bonsai trees mini conifer pottery planter

For real apple fans

bonsai trees apple tree fruit china flower pots

Bewitching scent and beautiful flowers on the balcony

bonsai trees wisteria bamboo window blinds

Mini chilli bonsai tree

bonsai trees chili tree mini round flower pot ceramic

A small microcosm of flowers and green

bonsai trees exotic flowers azaleas fern ceramic planters

Bonsai and hobbit cottage

bonsai trees hobbit hole

Steadfast and proud in a mini version

bonsai trees small tree plant container

Even more flowers

bonsai tree mini tree exotic

The red maple ensures a pleasant coziness in the room

bonsai trees maple red leaves table decoration

bonsai tree maple japanese red leaves white brick wall

Or do you prefer a Mediterranean exoticism?

bonsai tree mini tree purple flowers exotic

More asian taste at home

bonsai tree conifers pine china table decoration

And why not a whole forest full of bonsai trees?

bonsai tree conifers mini forest round ceramic flower pot

Such specimens usually cost more than 1 000 euros

bonsai trees conifer hiroshima

There is power in the silence!

bonsai tree lake mountains conifer