Magic Tulips Pictures from the Emirgan Park in Istanbul

tulips pictures colorful istanbul emirgan park

Take a look at the fascinating tulips pictures from the thematic festival in Istanbul!

Most people associate the tulips with Holland. Or the other way around! But there are other places in Europe and around the world where you can experience amazing, vivid, fragrant carpets of these flowers at specific times and locations.

We have selected some pictures with tulips, which you should absolutely look at! They are really fascinating!

30 million tulips

The tulips pictures that you see are certainly fascinating. But the more exciting the whole thing, if you knew that in the Park Emirgan 30 million tulips were planted for the occasion. You can also see tulips in other parts of the city at the same time, but in much more modest quantities.

Majestic, colorful waves

tulips pictures colorful istanbul emirgan park

The enjoyment is free

You can enjoy these beautiful pictures with tulips for free. However, if you arrive by car, you would clearly have to pay the parking fee.

Do not be afraid of the guard

They should not be deterred by the guards. They are only there for some visitors not to be tempted to tear tulips out of the garden. That's all.

Delicate colors and filigree shapes

tulips pictures pink delicate istanbul emirgan park

The tulips came from here to Amsterdam

Many specialists and historians claim that the tulips were transferred from here to Amsterdam during the time of the Ottoman Empire. Exactly to revive this old fame, you probably achieved through this festival in Istanbul.

Many varieties that you might not find elsewhere

If you take a closer look at the pictures of tulips that we present to you, you would find that these come from different varieties that are even unknown in other places.

Red tulips and antique towers

tulips images turkey emirgan istnabul festival

You have to catch the right time

Unfortunately, the flowering time of these beautiful tulips is short, just a few days a year. You should try to be in Istanbul at exactly this time. That's why you will make a very good choice, because spring is one of the best times to visit this city.

Gorgeous tulips can be seen throughout the city

tulips images turkey istanbul city festival

Exciting story

The pictures with the tulips are more exciting for many people, if you connect them with the story behind them. The park actually bears the name of an Arabian prince who owned this area together with the castle. The associated buildings still exist today.

Swan figurines and other tulips

Fascinating and funny are all the figures made of tulips. Just think about the garden art that you have to master! This year you would only have a few days left to enjoy these tulip pictures. But maybe you plan something like that for the next year from now on!

Great swan figurines on a blossom river

tulips images turkey emirgan park istanbul swans river bridge

A strange duet

tulips images turkey istanbul festival emirgan

Take an unforgettable walk

tulips pictures pink tender meadow park emirgan

A charming tulip paradise

tulips pictures turkey emirgan festival

Unique flow of flowers

tulips pictures meadow boat emirgan park istanbul

Vintage decoration in the Emirgan park

tulips images turkey emirgan park decoration flowers

Stunning in warm orange

tulips images turkey emirgan park festival

Clear water and spring freshness

tulips images turkey emirgan park spring

Tulip dream in spring

tulips images turkey emirgan fountain

Grandiose views

tulips images turkey field mountains

Modest grandeur

tulips images turkey festival park emirgan