Chic garden paths made of natural stone or cement for the garden

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Nice ideas for garden paths made of natural stone or cement

The garden paths are a kind of boundaries in the landscape. They separate the green area and also have a useful function. You will be led through this to the entrance of the house or to the backyard. garden paths Just make the enjoyment of the beauty of the garden much easier.

You can do this very easily yourself. How it works, we explain with a simple example of the natural stone design.

Leaf-shaped steps for the garden path

garden path shape leafy garden ideas

Beautiful entrance that merges into an elegant garden path

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So do that garden paths made of natural stone

Materials and instruments

- Boards for shaping the frame

- PVC film

- Shovel

- Instrument for compacting the landscape

- sand and pebbles

- Tiles made of natural stone

Step 1

Prepare the room through which the garden path passes. If possible, all stones and weed growth must go. Settle the surface and surround the room with the help of the previously bound boards.

Design the garden path tastefully

garden path shape natural stones grass plants garden ideas

 A garden path that winds to the front door

garden paths natural stone green lawn house facade brick wall

step 2

Cover the base of the garden path with a PVC foil. You can buy the latter in special shops. This will isolate the soil and the green plants will not be able to penetrate here.

A garden path, which is embellished by numerous plants

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Stylish garden path is representative of the whole garden

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step 3

Moisten the room and start to condense the floor with the specially designed instrument. Thus, the garden path is firmer.

To reach a beautiful garden

garden path natural stone garden shape plant exterior

Arrange the garden

garden paths natural stone garden shape ideas

Step 4

Now we come to arranging the natural stones on the garden path. You should push them as hard as possible to the ground. The shape and the size is one thing that you have to determine yourself. This is certainly a matter of taste. When you are done, you would have to fill in the gaps with pebbles.

Natural stones make the garden appear a little closer to nature

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How to create the garden path made of cement

Today we have a great idea for you, which also allows a lot of creativity. Everything works very easily and practically. It's about repeating any form of cement and distributing it in the garden so that together they fulfill the function of a garden path. We have a picture with leaves below, but there are other ways.

Create a fancy garden path yourself

garden paths cement garden exterior design

The materials:

- Cement mixture

- vessel for stirring

- Treacle

- Shovel

- Large leaves of a plant or other form, also incised in leaves or material with similar characteristics

- Base or a thick piece of cardboard

- paints

Step 1

Determine the route through which the garden path will run. Dig out with the help of a shovel about 8 cm out in the places where you will adjust the figures.

step 2

Prepare the workplace. Prepare the piece of cardboard and pour cement into a suitable container. If necessary, you would have to pour water. Mix it up very well.

Beautiful DIY projects for the garden path

garden path shape cement garden ideas fancy

step 3

Prepare the molds. Lubricate each one with cement. Press very well to get a good impression. Repeat the whole with all remaining forms / steps.

Single steps in the grass

garden path shape garden ideas cement green lawn

Step 4

Set the shapes in the dipped shapes. Cover the cement to help make it stronger. Then paint the steps in different colors if you wish.

Enjoy running on the garden paths they had made themselves!

The pebbles make the garden path more attractive

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Stylish garden design

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