Wall decoration with plants – LivePicture refreshes the ambience

live picture wall decoration with plants fresh air

Breathing art with plants for every wall

LivePicture is the name of the work we want to introduce you today. Feel free to draw inspiration for designing your own space. Because that's how the idea was conceived.

Green walls with real plants are relatively young in the interior design.

But they are becoming more and more popular and popular.

People who have once decided to follow this path can not help it anymore. Because nothing in the world can contribute to a more natural appearance than that. What else can you imagine more suitable in a living room while drinking coffee?

Furthermore, they find more and more space in public places, such as restaurants and cafes
Designer wall decoration with plants

live picture hotel restaurants cafes decoration wall installation picture frames

The variety of species that can be used to design such green projects is very large. So you could ever decide on desire or experience for easier-care or those plant species that need more care.

What is special about the LivePicture and why do we want to introduce you to this project, you ask yourself?

This is a kind of setup that you can complete and makes everything easier. You have practically finished the frame for your green wall project and just need to fill it with the appropriate plants.

You can buy this frame in different shapes and sizes. So these can be adapted to any room.

Lively plants not only look beautiful, they also make the air fresher and cleaner

orange wall-colored wall decoration with plants

They are also great for people who like to stay alone for a few minutes while drinking coffee, dinner or for another occasion for a few minutes.

For example, do you have a room where you like to practice yoga or sonsitge type of meditation?

You probably know how big the difference is, if you have a lot of green there, which you can enjoy, right?

Wall decoration plants lively vertical garden

Design the walls with LivePicture and you will be closer to the feeling people have outdoors.

Why not use it to put a few spices on the wall in the kitchen? That would be nice for all the senses and super practical, right?

And even if your local manufacturer does not have such designs as LivePicture, the project is certainly easy to duplicate ...

So, we strongly recommend you to integrate this at home

Wall decoration designer exhibition plants exhibition designer

Lively feat on the wall

Wall decoration with plants picture frame live picture

Lush foliage on the wall - lit and fresh

popular wall decoration with plants ceiling high garden

Evergreen plant species are collected here  and grown

Wall decoration plants wall design ideas

Ceiling-high, vertical garden

Wall decoration with plants wall design garden

Houseplants with flowers needed in this installation

Wall decoration flowers plants flowers wall colors

   Meaty leaves and evergreen species

Wall decoration green think plants succulent ideas

Remarkable and regal

Wall decoration foliage green plants lighting lamps

Ivy and other easy-care plants in the vertical garden

Wall decoration with plants design nature