Garbage bin box in the garden – making the trash cans invisible

Decorate and hide the garbage bin in the garden

So you could hide the trash can box in the backyard wonderful


The garbage bin is one of those things in the household that evokes clearly mixed feelings in us. On the one hand, we all agree that you can not live without them. At the same time they stink and spoil the good mood in our backyard.

So, what should you do now?

But just such cases also give us the opportunity to present ourselves as super creative people. Did you think about somehow hiding your garbage bin? In our opinion, this could actually work very well in the backyard.

Create the garbage can creatively

Garbage bin box in the garden decorate graffiti art

At the end of the day you should make sure that the trash can box is hidden by the greenery outside. Furthermore, it should be masked so that animals of various kinds have a serious, preferably no access at all. This avoids many unpleasant situations. Here are some simple, but practical steps for how to do it.

Flower stickers give the garbage bin a chic look

Garbage bin in the garden decorate flowers

The right place for the garbage bin box in the backyard

Pick a spot that may stay dry. In addition, the trash can box should be located where it is not visible. Behind a garden, the garbage can box can also be hidden.

Stylish solution that practically hides the trash cans in the garden

Garbage bin box in the garden hide comfort plus design

You could, as in the interior of various small decorative entanglements put to use that may hide just such not so appealing views. Behind such you could also hide the garbage bin.

Garbage bin box made of wood

Garbage bin box in the garden decorating holzversteck

If the garbage can box is low, higher flowers, shrubs or other rows of plants could also hide them. What do you think of this option?

Two garbage bin boxes next to each other

Decorating garbage bin in garden Decorating in wood

Also next to the pergola, which is already covered with vines or other green plants, could certainly find great spots where you can hide the garbage bin.

The garden plants serve as a natural hiding place

Garbage bin box in the garden hide wood cabinet garden plants hedge

A wooden fence specially built for it

Trash bins in the garden hide wooden fence build

Let's conclude the topic with a final idea that could be of use to you. You can place the trash can box near the fence, especially if it is overgrown with greenery.

Decorate the garbage cans colorful and funny

Garbage bin in the garden decorate funny stickers

 Trash cans colorfully decorated

Trash bins in the garden decorate street garbage can

Disguised in yellow

 Decorate garbage cans in the garden yellow dye

Here a garbage bin would fit perfectly

     Decorate garbage cans in the garden next to the fence Decorate or hide trash bins in the garden

Garden shed for rubbish bins

     Garbage bins in the garden hide wooden cabinets for trash bins

Behind a rattan screen

   Trash bins in the garden hide privacy rattan