Modern planters for aerial plants designed by experts

dark red foliage planters for exotic aerial plants

Miniature, aesthetically created flower pots in amazing shapes and colors

During this time of year, when there is cold and adverse weather outside, we should bring our plant collection into the house and pay more attention to the flowers. A herbal garden at home is a great way to give the kitchen a fresh touch in the winter.

Another fabulous option for easy-care indoor plants are the aerial plants. Now let's take a look at the trends in planters, especially the modern ones, including concrete, wood, polyrattan, fiberglass. Today's designs are found on Etsy. Hurray for the modern, handmade pieces!

Round flowerpots made of clay
Modern planters for aerial plants

Modern planters for aerial plants colors

Amazing, modern planters for aerial plants look even more beautiful when they are decorated with colorful patterns. These small flowerpots by Sea and Asters are already available in different colors

aloe Planters for air plants window wood

As earthy, trendy accents added to the interior design, these large planters serve. Check this set of three natural pots for seed pods, which also include aerial plants.

The gray pan is preferred here, as it has more foliage, adding a touch of contemporary drama to the living atmosphere.

Exceptional flower pots with covers made of yarn

yarn planters for air plants variety colorful

The planters shown here are made of acrylic yarn - the heavenly fabric ...

Planters made of concrete

elegant planters for aerial plants

A high on the concrete! He is robust. He oozes modern style. And it's also a very popular material for planters that grow aerial plants. This small planter appears in metallic gold. If desired, you can order and buy it indoors with or without the aerial plants.

The neon steals the show here - the neon blue adorns the vessel's edge here, while the neon pink impresses with the pebble shapes.

Small piece of concrete

Modern planters for aerial plants great edge

Small concrete planters are very popular idea for wedding gifts for example. This set of 2 concrete plant holders from Anson Design Co also includes the aerial plants. Recognize how the vibrant foliage works as a perfect accent.

Originally colored foliage

Modern planters for aerial plants mini

Geo flower boxes

Modern planters for aerial plants

The geo style is still very popular! No surprise, most planters here have geometric shapes. This small planter from Redwood Stoneworks is still available in copper, gold and other colors. We love the facets!

The attractive shapes and the clever use are still completed by the vivid colors. Natural wood combined with colorful colors create a colorful effect here.

Turquoise and brown!

Planters for aerial plants wood turquoise

Terrariums of aerial plants

Modern planters for aerial plants elegant

Great way to show off your air plants - combine them with other pieces like pebbles and sea shells. Made of copper foil and colored glass, these 12 components are made. The set includes a terrarium, the aerial plants, black sand, driftwood, pebbles and moss.

The minerals are the perfect inset to the bizarre silhouettes of the aerial plants and this turquoise agate of sea & Asters celebrates the combination of green and stones. The set includes a glass globe, the aerial plants, the agate, moss, white gravel, white gorgonian and a posture guide.

Pebbles, offshore pieces and aloes

Modern planters for aerial plants glass pebbles

There is something charming modern about this terrarium from Optical Conclusions.

Purple sand is really exceptional here

Modern planters for aerial plants glass round

hanging plants

Planters for air plants simply great

These hanging planters increase the effect of aerial plants, while still the styles and sizes are numerous. Here you can see a connection between form and function in a lovely mating. Each planter is made from natural terracotta clay. A cave in the middle is the perfect place for your air plants, as you can see below.

Rough, industrial appearance

industrial planters for aerial plants book geometric

Dazzling colours

Modern planters hanging for aerial plants

Conspicuous points of view create these macrame hanging plant containers when they are put together.

A touch of the unexpected

Planters for aerial plants black

Do you have favorite flower pots or planters for aerial plants? Both the fabrics and the possibilities are really endless. Glass, wood, metal! Have fun arranging!

Aesthetic figure

Modern planters for aerial plants äshtetisch