Asian Garden – 15 Inspirational Ideas for Design

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Asian Garden - Decoration and interior design ideas

Many households have verandahs in their courtyards, as this is the best way to put the place into use. It may be a garden with an area with paving stones, a dining area outside or a wooden terrace with lots of great seating.

In all cases, this becomes one of the favorite places of the homeowner. The main reason for this is that it helps to unite with nature.

Asian garden will be shown to you today. This will be accentuated by typical sculptures, wood, bamboo and other elements. We are sure that you will love these terraces and will especially enjoy the way they are lit and decorated.

Do you want to look at everything now and see if there is something for you?

Architectural photography

asian garden patio garden furniture green plants

This wall sculpture became the linchpin in the displayed outdoor area. This also applies to the table and chairs around it. You can eat and talk wonderfully here.

ST. Croix residence

exterior ideas asian garden patio deco candles plant

This little garden will ensure relaxation for every person due to the Zen feeling.

Ruess street

asian garden patio design ideas privacy wood fence bench

On this courtyard terrace we see a plant container, which also serves as a bench. The wall decoration on one side also touches the Asian look.

Ancient Chinese architectural pieces

exterior ideas asian garden patio stone floor armchair

This house here is filled with Chinese ancient elements. They have been integrated indoors and outdoors.

You can see here an interesting wall decoration made of concrete.

Greg Norman Drive

Asian garden patio design ideas pond

Here you can experience a playful and upscale combination of lines and patterns. The changing sizes of the wood imitate the look of the bamboo.

Roscoe village retreat

exterior ideas asian garden patio privacy of wood

This part of the yard is made of bamboo and it is a highlight for the courtyard.

Residence in North Palm Beach

exterior asian garden patio beautiful lighting pond

The courtyard looks very good from all points of view. The drama, which is caused by the lights, also contributes to this.

Fowler St, Camperdown

exterior asian garden patio decoration garden furniture

This small terrace has a very strong design.


exterior asian garden patio pergola rattan furniture

The bamboo on one side was covered with pebbles. This gives the terrace an Asian touch. This also applies to the gray pergola.

Pool Side Pavillion

exterior asian garden patio green plants

Here we only see part of the courtyard. Actually, this is surrounded by many seating areas and grass.

Residence San Dimas

exterior ideas asian garden patio flagstones gravel sight

At first glance you realize that this courtyard has the Asian look thanks to the colors and the style.

Vale Park

asian garden zen patio design ideas sculpture

Here we see a covered terrace with a spa inside. That's what relaxation looks like.

San Francisco

exterior asian garden patio zen deco ideas

Here we see a water facility with koi fish. The sculpture is a great addition to this area.

Ten residence

exterior zen garden patio decoration ideas pendant seating

Family-friendly, varied, sustainable - all these characteristics characterize the ambience here. Here you experience a unity of modernity and Asian style.

Brimingham, Wed private garden

exterior ideas asian garden patio deco ideas

The greatest feature of this garden is the moat with its large granite flagstones. It has been specially created to accommodate Koi fish. What can one say? I think it's not that difficult to get Asian charm outdoors. What do you think?