Easy-care garden plants for the summer

landscaping and landscaping easy-care garden plants heatproof outdoor area design

Heat-resistant and easy-care garden plants

We are in the middle of summer and you can feel it in the hot temperatures. Many plants have a problem surviving in such weather conditions.

Through the trial-and-error method I have managed to learn how to work with nature and not against it.

So it was also possible for me to keep my plants alive in this hot weather.

Now I will be glad if my tips will be useful for you.

Today I will talk about six of my favorite plants. If you have a very sunny terrace or outdoor area and want to beautify it with plants, then these ideas will almost certainly be of use to you.

The pictures below should serve as a source of inspiration for you.

Mexican feather grass

Do you see the Mexican feather grass down? In this specific case, it was planted a year ago and it already looks so great. That is not so obvious! The mistake that you should not allow in this case is too much water. So, do not pour this grass too much!

Heat resistant plants for your outdoor area

easy-care garden plants gardening ideas summer

Yes exactly! Once the roots of this plant are already fully developed, you should only water them occasionally. Just look at how green this grass looks in the picture below! Over time, it gets a golden nuance. The effect is even stronger when flowers appear on the upper tips.

Mexican feather grass in the garden

easy-care garden plants heatproof landscaping and landscaping summer ideas

Not only the Mexican feather grass is known for its easy-care character. His calm presence will only really show when the wind blows strong. The feather grass moves and this property is perfectly suited for the landscaping of contemporary outdoor areas.

Modern garden design - Huettl Design

landscaping and landscaping easy-care garden plants heatproof outdoor area design

Silver rain (waterfall dichondry)

This is one of my favorite plants. Maybe I love her so much because she shimmers so well in the sun. Or I like the way it falls over edges and other hard corners. Anyway, it is a ground cover, which provides a magical feeling. Do you feel addressed by this plant as well?

Picture of Kate Simmons

garden design and landscaping easy-care garden plants heat resistant

Here we see a hanging plant in silver blue-green nuances. It is hard to believe that such a fascinating thing can be heat and drought tolerant. This species loves the full sun and thrives in these conditions super well!

Gardening Ideas by Southlands Nursery

gardening and landscaping easy-care garden plants heat-resistant ivy garden fence

Do we want to talk a little bit more about plant containers? Hardly can one compare with anything else the effect of this plant, whose leaves fall like water over the edges. His name can hardly be more perfect.

American Farms garden design

gardening and landscaping easy-care garden plants heat-resistant

Dwarf Holly (Ilex vomitoria)

The leaves grow very close to each other and the plant remains very low. These characteristics make the plant very sculptural. It is a plant that loves the full sun, which fits wonderfully into modern rooms of the highest class.

Living garden fence from VerdeGo

gardening and landscaping easy-care garden plants living garden fence hedge

You can also let this dwarf holly without additional forms. As not exactly shaped, consisting of shrubs groupings you will also make your farm appear very interesting. Actually, they provide charming contrast to cacti, native grass, and other plants that go well with modern Xeriscape landscapes.

Animal Planet Gallery

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Below, we can see the leaves of Ilex vomitoria up close. Do not you look uplifted? Personally, every year I face the dilemma - should I design them as sculptures or not.

Leaves of Ilex vomitoria - Kate Simmons

gardening ideas easy-care garden plants heat resistant green garden design


Oh, the cacti! They are so wonderfully dry and heat tolerant. There are so many ways to choose. You can design them in your own way to create a pretty interesting outdoor appearance.

Cactus Care - D-CRAIN Design and Construction

gardening ideas easy care garden plants heat resistant cactus courtyard design

As most of you already know, cacti do not need watering either. In most cases, once a week is quite enough. Everything, however, depends on the conditions of the specific villages. You should check exactly the condition of the earth. If it's wet, it's best not to water it extra.

Big Cacti - Picture by Kate Simmons

gardening ideas easy care garden plants heat resistant cactus care

Desert cacti love the full sun. So do not be shy to position them in a really bright spot. The cactuses below were mounted in cylinder blocks, which were presented to a beige wall. The latter heats up very strong in the summer and this gives many plants the opportunity to develop wonderfully. The cacti here love this place. Furthermore, the light shading of the plant containers is of fundamental importance.

Small cactuses in cylinder blocks - Picture of Kate Simmons

garden landscaping easy care garden plants heat resistant succulent potted plants

Blue Agave (Agave tequilana)

Here is the penultimate wonderful plant that I would like to introduce to you. Did you know that she calls herself a Tequila plant? It also survives well in hot, dry conditions. Their blue leaves make a great counterpoint to the green, which of course dominates in most farms.

Actually, the blue agave plant can be a fabulous counterpart to various other species. Such an example is the rust shrub below.

Tequila plant - Picture of Kate Simmons

gardening with stones easy care garden plants heat resistant cactus care succulents

This wonderful blue plant can grow really big, up to 1.80 m. This can actually be seen from the image below as well. [according to D-CRAIN Design and Construction]

Blue agave - D-CRAIN Design and Construction

gardening with stones easy-care garden plants succulents

Its shape and size make it a strong focal point in the yard. It can spice up your landscape or enhance the flowerbeds.

The blue Agave tequilana gets along with very little water. Mostly, it is enough to water them twice a month.

Hugh Jefferson Randolph Architects - Front garden design with Agave tequilana

landscapingstones with stones easy-care garden plants succulents

Yuccas / Palm Illien

Now we come to another example, namely Yuccas. This plant has many different variations and the possibilities are endless. This includes various shades. Furthermore, they can really grow tall.

Yuccas from Blisstree

gardening ideas easy care garden plants heat resistant flowers

In the picture above we see the white yuccas and below - the red one. They provide a very strong message when juxtaposed.

Red Yuccas - Arizona Desert Xeriscape

gardening green garden design easy-care garden plants summer plants

Taking care of the yuccas is very easy. The plant is really easy to care for and natural. Like all other examples in this article she loves the full sun. The white species has sword-like leaves. So you should pour these with gloves. They are not very suitable for areas with small children and pets.

Easy-care garden plants - yuccas

gardening easy care garden plants heat resistant potted plants

Did you pick one of the plants up for yourself? What qualities did she charm you with?