The white rose – a symbol of innocence and purity

white rose magnificent blossom

The white rose in history and in everyday life

When one thinks of roses, the red roses will most likely come to mind first. The red rose is the undisputed symbol of love and passion. But as it is in life in general, a thing needs its opposite or a background to be perceived even more intensively.

We thought of the white rose in this context. It does not have the sensual red color, but presents all the splendor of the rose form and thereby also highlights its first class elegance. White roses go perfectly with festive decorations and festivities, or as a gift for a very special friend, for a person you have in your heart. Their purity shows respect, honors and symbolizes a new beginning and hope for the future.

Innocent perfection in white

white rose innocence wedding bridal bouquet

Historically, the white rose stands for innocence and subtlety. For this reason, it has long been associated with wedding and bridal bouquet. At that time in 14th century England the white rose was the coat of arms of the Duke of York. The story tells us about the Rose War between him and the Lancaster family. Nowadays the white rose has retained its pride and is very often used on various special occasions such as anniversaries, christenings, graduations, graduations.

Graceful and delicate with lemon yellow nuance

white rose lemon yellow nuance

In Germany, the white rose also has its very special story, which is associated with the siblings Scholl. The resistance group "The White Rose" has fought against the dictatorship of National Socialism and spread its Christian and humanist values ​​in 1942. Unfortunately, the group had a fate and was uncovered in April 1943, and the formative members were arrested and executed. Thus, the white rose is still considered a symbol of non-violent, political moral courage, which advocates for humanist-democratic ideals and is against a totalitarian dictatorship.

Refined table decoration for special occasions

white rose subtle table decoration restaurant

Last but not least we want to refer to the world famous song "Guatanamera". It comes from the small Caribbean state of Cuba and has as a text the poem of the legendary Cuban author José Martí, who is considered a timeless national hero. The words refer to the eternal and genuine friendship that is as pure and perfect as a white rose that you carry in your heart.

Combine with original jewelry for an even better surprise 

white rose gift idea necklace

Give white roses to a special friend

white rose gift surprise bouquet of roses

Framing hearts with white rose petals

white rose heart decoration romantic innocence

Musical Romance

white rose music romance art

Delicate pink in a splendid shape

white rose pink nuance shrub

Use rose bushes for privacy

Delicate rose rose bush garden fence

Fragrant wild rose in white

delicate rose wildrose garden shrub

A classic duo

delicate rose red duo perfect schönhei

Stylish table decoration

Delicate rose stylish table decoration

White wedding decoration of the upscale style

white rose white wedding decoration