Create a mini garden – four great mini-projects for you

a mini garden shape mushrooms and snail

Create a mini garden

The secret of designing a beautiful and satisfying garden in minutes is quite simple: think small, that is: think in small dimensions!

Gardens of this kind usually combine a shallow plant container with small plants in it or different dwarf varieties.

But if you want, you can also have a mini pavilion, a gravel path and decorative things next to it - it always creates a charming scene in your garden and will definitely attract the curiosity of your neighbors. All effort is then rewarded, believe me!

The plants that we have chosen for this post, at least for a growing season in a small garden. If the plants grow too big, you can just trim them a bit. In warm climates, you can enjoy your outdoor container garden year-round!

Where winter is cold, you can store the Mini Garden in a sheltered location during the cold season, such as in your well-insulated garage, where the temperature does not drop below freezing.

All four of our mini projects are easy to implement.

A walk in the park

Turn a tray and a plant collection into a delightful composition

a miniature shape wrought iron tray ornamental fountain

A tiny glasshouse, tiny tools and thimble-sized pots - this is how the design works like a study in detail. Place it on a stable surface or in the middle of a dining table - now you have a great eye-catcher! Design a small mini garden that fits wonderfully on the window sill or stands outstanding on the shelf.

Mini tool for mini garden

a mini garden of pebbles and copper wire

Colorful living carpet

Use ground cover to create an amazingly lush table top. First make a flat, firm surface. In a month, your tabletop, about 50 cm in diameter, will be full of colorful flowers. That looks nice, right?

So you drink the coffee differently

a mini garden shape side table herbal

If you live in a region with a cold climate, you must take the plants off the table top in early autumn and transplant them outside in the garden. In this way you have replantings in the spring!

A feast for the senses

a mini garden shape fresh kitchen herbs

A house for the garden gnome

Escape to a green and tranquil area reminiscent of a forest where mosses thrive and mushrooms sprout. Create your mini garden as an ideal place to spot geological treasures that you have collected while traveling and that hold special memories for you.

Simply magical

a mini garden shape miniature meadow

Place the plants in a shady spot, where mosses thrive, there is always moisture. Bring the mini garden at eye level, so you see him best!

Colorful decorated trolley

Think of the idea for a multipurpose garden: edible, portable and even entertainment. On a copper tray and wrought iron stands, our dining centerpiece is ready to serve. Anyone can take any refreshment at the next outdoor party. Move the basket on a trolley and use it as a dessert tray or the centerpiece of your party! Either way, it will help you to present a little surprise to your guests with a touch of elegance! great, is not it? On it you can have aromatic drinks, tasty side dishes or even minced meat and of course tasty desserts. Encourage your guests to grab! Stimulate conversations by guessing the flavors. And if mint is not your cup of tea, try other sweet aroma herbs! The selection is big enough, yes?

a mini garden shape wicker basket strawberries