Decorate sideboard – 99 chic home decorating ideas

sideboard decorate pink glass bottles handblown table lamp retro design candlestick wing

The sideboard in the interior design

Sideboards are useful pieces of furniture in every home. This can be said with a clear conscience. These are found on the market in a variety of styles and they usually perform a variety of functions. A sideboard is often a great addition to any interior. You will find these in bedrooms, offices and many other rooms at home.

The following examples prove this. They continue to show great ideas for sideboard decorating.


If you want to have more storage space in the bedroom, you usually choose a dresser. But this does not make the sideboard superfluous. A sideboard can be placed in tricky places, where the dresser fits badly. Both pieces of furniture complement each other wonderfully and together they are a great solution for more storage space!

Sideboard decorate as if from dreams

sideboard decorate modern table lamp art deco metal lanterns

Sideboards in the living room

In the living room, a sideboard can fulfill almost infinite different functions. You could put the TV on it. Inside you can easily hide your electronics and maybe some ugly cables.

You can decorate the sideboard abundantly and make it an eye-catcher in the room. The whole thing becomes particularly effective if you place the sideboard in front of a wall with a hanging mirror.

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sideboard decorate christmas christmas stockings joy dresser showcase

Place sideboards in the office and decorate

Do you want to have as much room in the office as possible? Then refrain from the large and extensive cabinets. A sideboard saves you space. Here, a beautifully decorated sideboard is the perfect counterpart to a salon-style wall.

In the hallway

Corridors are, in principle, some of the most difficult places for interior decoration. We often neglect them. If your hallway is wide enough, then a sideboard would be useful and appropriate. It should best correspond stylistically with the rest of the house and thus serve for the smooth transition to other premises. At the same time you could stow a lot in it, for which there is otherwise no place in the apartment.

Less decoration - more shine and glamor

sideboard decorate abstract design vase wall art gold matt front

In difficult to design premises

You always have some difficult to design rooms at home. With its clear lines, nothing would be more suitable here than a sideboard. Decorate this in a suitable style and you have a fabulous result.

And some history

Instead of a conclusion today we want to tell something about the history of this piece of furniture. Sideboards have been around since the 18th century. Her ancestor was a certain model of long tables. These often had a marble surface. They were kept in dining rooms to store food and other products. Robert Adam, the Scottish architect and furniture designer came up with the idea to make something out of these pieces of furniture. He added drawers at both ends of the table. This idea was taken up and further developed by the furniture designer Thomas Shearer. He brought the sideboard to the shape we know today.

Decorate your sideboard in time for Christmas

sideboard decorate scandinavian design christmas decoration

Or create a meditative Zen atmosphere

sideboard decorate bamboo vase buddha painting zen mood

Unpretentious and purist with photos and hydrangeas

sideboard decorate pictures girl retro design vase hydrangea square table lamp

Modest vintage flair in the living room

sideboard decorating picture photo white small ceramic vase table lamp

Less is often more

sideboard decorate dekovasen glass summer flowers white

Elegant minimalist decoration

sideboard decorate designer table lamp nature finds

Futuristic design of aluminum and copper wire

sideboard decorate futuristic minimalistic decoration metal figures wire balls

Shabby Chic meets Neo-Baroque

sideboard decorate glass bottle mouth-blown deer antler picture frame

Festive mood with silver shine

sideboard decorate glass vases wind lights silver table lamp candlestick

White ceramics and black porcelain

sideboard decorate big urn white roses ornaments statue cake stand black

Purist in white

sideboard decorate ceramic urn vase candlestick porcelain bowls

Brass urn and Buddha statue for that special meditative touch

sideboard decorating brass urn buddha statue gemstone vase

Straight lines, ceramic vases and elephant

sideboard decorate metal sculpture elephant white vases ceramic

Showcase collectibles

sideboard decorate minimalist decoration collectables white porcelain

High gloss and minimalistic decoration of porcelain and metal

sideboard decorate minimalist style black white glass plate aluminum porcelain cups metal vase

Curved lines of ceramic

sideboard decorate minimalist design white neon green vases books

Square wooden shapes

Sideboard decorate minimalist vases carved

Mouth blown colorful glass in graceful shape

sideboard decorate hand blown bottles of multicolored glass

Modern design in white

sideboard decorate natural wood tree trunk abstract figures glass vases

sideboard decorate porcelain plate wrought iron candlestick

sideboard decorate puristic christmas decoration silvery vases urns

sideboard decorate retro decoration table lamp ceramic bowl vase

sideboard decorate simple decoration flowers apes

dresser decorate black white photography brass figurines table lamp

sideboard decorate black white ceramic bowl vase

sideboard decorate black white photos new york crystal vases silver balls

sideboard decorate succulents photo decoration gerbera

dresser decorating table lamps ceramic bowls

sideboard decorate vintage decoration tin can round windlight old books

chest of drawers decorate vintage industrial style metal figure vase

dresser decorate vintage shabby chic style elephant figurine table light fruit glass bottle

sideboard decorate vintage style mini glasses horse statue

dresser decorate vintage clock colorful glass bottles vases

decorate vintage shabby shic style old suitcase wood tin bucket

sideboard decorate vintage white wood shabby chic clock glass bottle

sideboard decorate christmas decoration table lamps cake bell windlights metal

sideboard decorate white statue table lamp antique style glass vase peonies

sideboard decorate colorful colors dresser sideboard children's room table lamp

white glass sideboard silver hydromassage sideboard

sideboard decorate wood dresser sideboard retro design statues

dresser decorating wooden chest of drawers ceramics green vase

sideboard decorating wood retro dresser table lamp red ceramic sideboard living room dining room

sideboard decorating wood sideboard dresser living room wall mirror wind lights horse statue

dresser decorate ceramic vases yellow flowers branches abstract image dresser wood

sideboard decorating dresser antique design sideboard copper bowls fresh flowers

sideboard decorate dresser colorful paint sideboard

sideboard decorate dresser retro sideboard ceramic vase table lamp shells porcelain

sideboard decorating dresser sideboard bonsai driftwood buddha statue white

sideboard decorating dresser sideboard candlestick serving board

sideboard decorating sideboard sideboard kids room colorful

sideboard decorating sea finds floor lamp brass candlestick

sideboard decorate pink dresser sideboard fresh flowers roses peonies old books glass vases

dresser decorate puristic decoration white dresser sideboard table people picture frame wood herbs

sideboard decorate shabby chic dresser sideboard bedroom sea findings table lamp

sideboard decorate shabby chic style blue dresser sideboard

sideboard sideboard dresser round wall mirror white vases blue table lamp

drawer decorating table lamps yellow roses classic pattern dresser sideboard

sideboard decorate vintage dresser blue sideboard books candlestick

sideboard decorating display cabinet dresser sideboard hallway green plants mirror

sideboard white dresser gold handles table lamp white lampion sideboard

sideboard decorate white dresser modern design wall mirror white vases jewelery boxes

sideboard decorating white table lamp jewelry holder hydrangea dresser sideboard

sideboard decorating living room dresser sideboard glass bottles hand blown white orchids

sideboard decorating houseplants oars wall mirror white dresser sideboard

sideboard decorate antique ceramic dresser dresser sideboard living room

sideboard decorating balloon bottle glass blown table lamp chest of drawers antique design old metal scales

dresser decorating wire lampshades houseplant table lamps dresser retro

sideboard decorate wire vases brass copper gold shine green dresser sideboard

sideboard decorate braided basket poster pictures glasses dresser white sideboard

dresser decorate glass vase fall leaves branches

sideboard decorate glass vases geometric shapes vases

sideboard decorate glass vase cylindrical branches table lamp wind light

sideboard decorate hydrangea wall mirror plaited boxes serving board dresser white

sideboard decorate ceramic glass vases white flowers painting sideboard dresser

sideboard decorate candlestick silver porcelain overpots

sideboard decorate small porcelain vases sideboard vintage sitl dresser wall mirror

sideboard decorating dresser bench throw pillow wooden planks diy ideas living room sideboard

sideboard decorating pumpkins table lamp red lampshade black dresser sideboard

sideboard decorate brass copper flower pot serving board gold

sideboard decorate modern lamp design gift boxes dresser gray sideboard

sideboard decorate mouth blown glass bottle natural wood brass pendant light

sideboard decorate posters photos indoor plants dresser sideboard

sideboard decorate retro decoration old vinyl records indoor plants table lamp

More great decorating ideas can be found at Inter IKEA Systems, for example

sideboard decorate round wall mirror pillar candles silver candlestick

sideboard decorate shabby chic style puristic christmas decoration branches candlestick dresser sideboard

sideboard decorate table lamp art deco metal sculpture braided basket shell purist easter decoration

sideboard decorate table lamp glass bowl wire balls wooden fish dresser wood dresser corridor

sideboard decorate table lamps wall mirror wood letters decoration dresser sideboard living room

chest of drawers decorate vases plate natural wood solid wood sideboard

dresser decorate white sideboard table lamp vase horse statues

dresser decorating houseplant leaves decor skull storage boxes

sideboard decorating indoor plants ceramic flowerpots