125 great ideas for nursery design

Nursery design is not just a furnishing process. That is the way you perceive the play and living space of your child. Our children are our world and we constantly want to make them happy and satisfied. Do you have a boy or a girl who inspires you every day with news and makes your life more meaningful? If so, you are probably ready to give them a fairytale-style room. In this article you will have the opportunity to look at 125 home decorating ideas and try new, fresh interior designs and designs.

Integrate the right furniture in your child's room!

Baseball beds in the boy's room. Red armchair

The undisputed fact is that the children need a lot of space to play. Here we show how, apart from the available living space, you can integrate play and relaxation areas in the nursery. There are great, creative nursery ideas for boys and girls, which have impressed us deeply.

Bed in three levels

bed on 3 levels tree

The bunk bed is a must in many families, so we have many pictures presented here with bunk beds. Shelves, wardrobes and other organizational systems are also very much needed because our children always want to have toys and books. You'll see that you can organize and organize everything well if you set up the nursery properly.

Travel under the bed

children's room design ideas travel bed

Let's take our picture journey through the land of children's room design!

Carriage - bed

bed like carriage shape with stairs

Boat - bench on blue carpet

boat bench in the nursery teddy bear carpet

Sailor boy's room

boat bed boy's room bookcase

Rock yourself under the tree

deco ideas for nursery tree motive cabinet

Decorating ideas for the nursery

decoration ideas for children's room pendant lamp shelf dresser

In the forest

decoration ideas for children's rooms forest motifs

Lock behind the bed

deco ideas for wall children's bedroom

Window decoration with flowers

Deco ideas in children's room green design desk chair

Decorative train makes you happy

decorative train in the nursery wall deco ideas

Integrate practical shelving system

design ideas for kids room blue cupboard

Creative nursery design

design ideas kids room car bed closet

Installation bed in bright colors

built-in bed for children bedroom

White bunk bed with storage space

built-in bed for children's room in white

Bed tent in blue

furnishing ideas nursery bed colorful colors

Staircase with storage room

bunk bed with stairs as a cupboard nursery

Curtains and bedspread decorated with flowers

colored nursery design ideas bed throw pillows

Funny nursery design

colored nursery ideas stock bed throw pillow

Boy's room with red car - bed

Fire department inspired boy's room ideas

For the Formula 1 fans

formula 1 inspired boy's room furniture

Ruling symmetry

formal nursery bedding stools

Wall decoration with pictures in the baby room

fresh ideas of decor in the nursery bed baby cradle

Soccer room

Football inspired boys room balls bed

Yellow accents

yellow elements in the nursery white carpet bed

Yellow and red in contrast

yellow room pointy carpet bed deco ideas

Painted wall as a headboard

Painted wall headboard in the nursery

Flower-shaped decoration

green deco ideas for kids room yellow carpet table

Green bunk bed

green furniture bunk bed table lamp

Sleeping arrangements for the friends

green wall design in nursery 4 beds

Four-poster bed in the girls room

sky bed in the girl's room decoration ideas

Clouds over the bed tent

sky bed clouds on the ceiling nursery

The hobby - room design

hobby room decoration ideas map guitar

With wooden furniture

Wood design in the nursery desk bed

Travel for the little ones

interesting children's room ideas travel toys

Treehouse as a bed

interior design ideas children bedroom tree house as a bed

Loft bed with ladder

interior design ideas for kids room loft bed with staircase sofa

 Ladder with storage space

interior ideas for nursery bed on second floor stairs

Set up a tropical room

interior ideas for nursery playground wooden cottage

Beige elegance

youth room in brown fashion bed desk

Interior design ideas for boy's room

Boy room set up car bed

Glorious decoration ideas for boy's room

baby boy room set up car bed deco sofa

The highest bed

boys room set up blue bunk staircase

The little sailor

boy's room set up boat bed

Original blinds

boys room design 2 beds built-in shelves

Under the water

kids bedroom design ideas coloring game

Net as a partition

kids bedroom design ideas in white net partition wall

Round shelf

Children's bedroom design ideas round shelf bed

Slip out of bed

children bedroom fashion bed chute stairs

Rustic bed design

children's bedroom design with a bunk shelf

Two-colored wall stripes

Children's bedroom in blue and gold carpet

White dots on the red comforters

children's room 2 beds dot-shaped ceilings

Sweet decoration of the nursery

kids room design ideas bed with travel

Nice color combination between carpet and wall design

kids room design ideas bunk bed carpet

Cat - mirror

kids room design ideas table chairs mirror

Brick wall with decorative door

children's room frame in blue bookshelf brick wall

Zebra - TV

nursery design bed wall decoration zebra tv

Sofa under the bed

Nursery design for small room sofa bed

The tree - shelf

nursery design green tree as bookshelf

Half door for puppet theater

nursery room half-door wardrobe puppet theater

Red contrasts with white

Nursery room ideas with red and white bed carpet closet

Nursery design in two levels

Nursery design in 2 levels of storage area sitting area next to the window

Furniture for small living space

nursery furniture piece for small room bunk bed

Curtain as a partition to the bed

nursery square carpet pink stool curtain wall

Room to hide

nursery decor hiding furniture closet

Green curtain separates the two beds

nursery design two beds with curtains

In eclectic style

Nursery ideas in eclectic style black wall bed

Colorful stools and throw pillows

nursery ideas in contemporary style bunk yellow

Sky blanket

children's room funny home decor clouds ceiling cupboard

Slanted ceiling

children's room under the water inspiration bed blanket

Three beds design

creative interior design ideas for boys room beds

Colored circles adorn the room

circular wall and cover design girl's room bed

Funny bed with shelf

funny bed in the nursery storage room

  Uhus on the wall

girl room design ideas wall deco bed

House in the room

Girl's room cottage as a bed carpet flowers

White - red blinds

mansard nursery slanted wall white red blinds

Purple and green go together

fairytale nursery bed stairs

Mickey Mouse

Mickey mouse motifs in the nursery decorating bed coverlet

Military inspiration

military-inspired boy's room bunk bed

Shining yellow accents

with yellow accents nursery fashion stairs

Include children's cottage in the room

furniture design ideas for kids room decoration

Original bunk bed

modern boy's room ideas bunk bed

In red and orange

orange red interior in the youth room desk bed

Gentle girl's room

original deco ideas for children's bedroom beds

Pirate bedroom

Pirates bedroom boys dresser

The dinosaur bed

plush dinosaur in the nursery bed

Unique hidden lighting

magnificent hidden lighting in the girl's room purple

Great blanket

sumptuous room decorating kids room black pink

Stylish girl's room set up

romantic decor children bedroom lighting

Simple lines in pink

Pink color scheme for girls room carpet bed

Simply in pink

Pink inspiration for girls room bed rug

Girls like butterflies

pink girl's room design ideas butterflies dresser

Lavender and white

gentle room-color design with blue white room

Bed over the closet

bedroom for kids shape yellow furniture bed cupboard

Interesting bed headboard

simple kids room design in white and pink

Original cabinet color design

simple beautiful kids room ideas in purple bed

Castle and clouds in the corner

Closed over a cloud of nursery

Castle as a wall decoration

Castle wall decoration in children's bedroom bed

Red baskets for more storage space

cabinet design for kids room more storage baskets

Integrate shelf behind the bed

closet behind the bed in the children

Black chalkboard behind the beds

black board as a wall design in nursery beds

Flowers decoration in the girls room

bunk bed in the girl's room big flowers on the wall

Truck for the boys

bunk bed in the boy's room car motive

Bunk bed in original design

integrate bunk bed in the nursery

Luxury room with purple

bunk carpet in purple and light purple

Formal boy's room

symmetrical nursery design 3 beds staircase drawers

Animal of flowers

animal from flowers wall design nursery bed

Place to sing

great deco ideas for kids room place for singing chairs desk

I like the color combination

great color combination kids room bright colors

Blue - white room design

great bed for boys deco ideas

Or do you prefer purple?

girl's room design ideas purple flowers chandelier

Organize cleverly

great organization kids room round armchair books cupboard

High-level playground

dream nursery design ideas funny carpet stairs

In the jungle

tropical nursery wooden elements staircase

Round stairs

under the water inspiration nursery design

Four beds

Many sleeping arrangements in the nursery integrate table

In the forest

forest inspiration in the nursery wall decor baby cradle

Tree in the room

Forest inspired room design couple levels

Blue tree

forest motifs bed nursery ideas tree

Small, white flowers

wall deco children's bedroom armchair

Rock yourself

wall carpet decoration pink swing girl room ideas

Winnie Pooh

winnie pooh motif in nursery beds carpet

Bed with slide

enchanting sleep and play bedroom

Art design

art design ideas in the nursery swing swing throw pillow