20 room colors ideas for every taste

blue room color in contrast to the desk painting

Our room colors ideas bring you more clarity

The colors in your home express your personality. Although most of us do not think about color design, it has a strong impact on us. Certain colors or color groups may guide our mood and attitude into particular establishment. So you need to choose clever.

Here I give you 20 Room colors ideas, which impressed me.

Paint your walls in your favorite colors

color scheme in bedroom frame painted bed

What do the colors mean and what message do they announce? Colors create three main effects in the general sense: active, passive, neutral. Bright colors are expansive and airy and make the room look brighter and wider. Dark colors are sophisticated and warm. They create drama and a cozy, intimate atmosphere.

Black figures with stencils

color scheme with stencils in black interior

If you are on red, you must know that this color increases the energy of the room. In the living or dining room, the red stimulates the conversations. In the hallway it gives a strong first impression.

Sunny room

bright yellow wall-colored design blue table

Yellow brings the sun into the house and makes the inhabitants happy. It is perfect for the kitchen, the dining room and the bathroom. In small rooms, the color has a warm, inviting effect.

The green living room

green living room color scheme round table

For room color ideas in blue you can decide, if you are looking for balance. This color will make you relax and relax and I recommend it for the bedroom and the bathroom. Take good care of the nuances, because the blue can also be cold. Dark blue e.g. causes sad feelings.

Wall and curtains in purple

Room ideas wall in purple like the curtains

The green has been perceived as the most relaxing color for the eyes, which actually fits every room. Green also has a relaxing effect when used as the main color.

Green walls and blue ceiling

Funny combination of colors kids room

What will you say about Lila? Purple is the color that causes the most intimate feelings. She is dramatic, rich and sophisticated. You always connect them in your mind with the luxury.

Multicolored horizontal stripes

multicolored horizontal stripes in the living room red sofa

Orange stimulates and gives more energy. It does not fit the living room or bedroom, but finds a very practical use in the gym.

Combine warm colors in the room

multicolored wall design in the room

The neutral colors (white, black, gray and brown) are basic colors and are very flexible. Use the black paint in small doses, otherwise you can cause a return effect.

Neutral room colors ideas

neutral room ideas bedroom bedroom floor lamp sofa

Great color palette for the bedroom

Matching color palette for bedroom bed

Gentle flair

gentle color schemes and deco ideas

White flowers on the brown painted wall 

white painted flowers on brown wall

Horizontal stripes in gray - white

room colors frame horizontal stripes in gray white box

With figures

Room ideas in children's room ornaments

Paint the ceiling in purple

room ideas purple ceiling chandelier dining table

Beautiful combination

room ideas in gray and beige

Red - white inspiration

room ideas red and white table

Strong blue

room ideas rich blue neutral furniture

These were the 20 selected room colors ideas that can help you. Do not forget that the color selection is a personal matter and should fit your personality and your character.