101 modern staircases appear as an eye-catcher in your apartment

2 floors staircase shape granite black

Modern stairs like eyecatcher at home


If modern stairs If you want to integrate it at home, you have to orient yourself very well in staircase construction in advance. In the narrower sense, this means that the staircase style should be well adapted to the interior design. Only certain materials can be combined with the general furnishing concept and therefore one should consider these details.

You really want to integrate modern stairs into the house. Modern is not enough. The staircase should also be made comfortable and safe.

The matching stairs come to the center of the room

two-tone spiral staircase look beautiful from above


First think of the right materials. Here are some useful tips. Almost every modern house spans several floors, making life-sized stairs indispensable. Stairs can be constructed from many different materials, mostly wood, concrete, steel or stone. Each material conveys a certain flair and gives their house its own character.

Modern black spiral staircase

style stairs shape corridor

Steel stairs. There are different stair structures made of steel. You can have a very simple steel staircase mounted, or add a prefabricated element or central spar staircase to your home. But steel does not have to be used alone. Although wood and steel have very different characteristics, these combinations of materials are highly recommended.

Concrete stairs. Concrete stairs are made in solid construction quickly and inexpensively, because the concrete stairs consist of prefabricated parts. Another advantage of the concrete staircase is its fire resistance.

Glass stairs. While stairs with glass railings are more common in houses, stairs made entirely of glass remain a rarity. Most of the glass stairs are made of Plexiglas. What should not be underestimated is that the glass stairs are very expensive and often not as stable as stairs made of other materials. Their advantage is the transparency and lightness they give.

Wooden stairs. You have to think about the type of construction and the choice of material for wooden stairs. Soft wood should e.g. be used where the stairs are not entered with street shoes, z. B. within the living spaces. Soft wood is by far not used as often as a staircase construction material like hardwood, which is particularly durable. The color is not to be underestimated. Especially light hardwood species such as maple, ash or beech are often in demand. Just keep in mind that especially light wood turns dorkier over time and its structure changes.

Metal staircases. Metal stairs are very flexible in the application possibilities. They can be used both inside and outside. In addition, metal stairs can be combined with many materials.

Spiral wooden staircase like flower

extraordinary stairs wooden steps like flower

Let's take a look at my 101 ideas for modern stairs and then you can start with the project.

Metal and wood mix railing

design ideas stairs railing decoration

Straight wooden staircase with glass railing

furnishing ideas wooden stairs glass railing decoration

Spiral staircase made of wood in two colors

interior design stairs and wall design modern pendant lights

Elegant spiral staircase

elegant floating staircase white outline

Straight staircase design in the library

close straight staircase shape wood imitation

Flower ornaments made of steel

extravagant staircase design black

Filigree staircase with braid ornaments

filigree staircase design

Opened pipe

futuristic stairs design ideas

Futuristic spiral staircase with decoration

futuristic spiral staircase shape interior design ideas

Straight stairs lead from the kitchen to the dining room

straight staircase shape kitchen to dining room

Steps made of glass

glass staircase shape design ideas

Granit stairs for outdoor use

granite stairs for outdoor use wooden railings

The eye-catcher - graphic spiral staircase

graphic spiral staircase shape black and white

Great stairs architecture

design great design stairs

High spiral staircase made of wrought iron

high spiral staircase shape home wrought iron ideas

Glass wall creates transparency

wooden staircase built in cabinet

Tree treads

wooden staircase shape interior design tree flooring

Innovative staircase architecture

innovative design stairs in 3 levels

Steps made of aluminum

interior design ideas original railing steps

Compilation of steel and stone

Compilation of steel and stone stairs frame

Original staircase made of wood

intricate staircase design wood

Modern stairs with privacy

plastic and stone artwork stairs shape

Winding stairs

winding spiral staircase with glass wall

Floating stairs with yellow steps

framing yellow metal stairs

Minimalist in white

minimalist staircase design design ideas painted white

From the pool to the house

framing modern straight stairs over the pool

Fashion modern wooden staircase

frame modern wooden staircase

Great combination of stair design and wall decoration

modern interior design stairs railing wall decoration

Futuristic look

modern stairs abstract shapes

Modern stairs made of wood elements

modern wooden stairs bar bar stools ideas of interior design

Illuminated steps

modern stairs lighting wood design

Decorative straight staircase

modern stairs deco wood imitation

Original steps

modern stairs design for office

Glass railing with beautiful decoration

modern stairs shape glass wall decoration

Stylish classic

modern stairs frame wood

Spiral staircase with prefabricated elements

Modern stairs shape spiral staircase with prefabricated elements

Stair design for large living space

modern stairs design living room furnishing ideas table deco ideas

Interesting interior design

modern staircase stylish design ideas living room bar bar stools 2 floors

For a lot of storage space

modern staircase lot of storage space

Stairs made of folded half inch steel

modern stairs half inch steel folding

Decorating ideas for the living space

modern stairs architecture design table decoration ideas

Pink glass steps

modern stairs stages pink glass mirror decoration ideas

Play with volume

modern staircase volume game interior choices

stairway to Heaven

modern stairs wall decoration ornamentenreich piano

Table console becomes a step

modern white stairs stylishly wall-mounted console console

Drink tea under the stairs

modern staircase living ideas bar bar stool pendant lamps cups

Modern in the living room

Modern stairs living room glass railing sofa throw pillow bar

Minimalist staircase architecture for the office

modern stairs z design white room

Steps and flooring have been made of the same material

modern spiral staircase shape bright wood iron railing

Black and white elegance

modern spiral staircase shape black and white

Stone pillar protects the stairs

modern spiral staircase glass railing stone pillars

Golden steps and decoration ideas

modern spiral staircase wood iron living ideas throw pillow

Floating stairs without railing

modern stairs with sculptures table armchair

Hole in the sky

natural stone staircase big hole interior decisions

Extraordinary organization system ensures extra storage space

original deco decks stairs living room storage space down shelves

Circular braid ornaments

ornate spiral staircase circular home interior design ideas

This looks a bit confusing

gorgeous and confusing staircase design

Rainbow at home

rainbow colors spiral staircase shape living ideas

Red and white spiral staircase

red white spiral staircase design design ideas interior

Black-yellow spiral

spiral staircase yellow and black

Stepped living room

step-by-step living room interior design sofa window

White spiral in the living room

floating staircase furnishing ideas chandelier sofa carpet

Ornate spiral staircase

staircase design architecture design ideas ornaments

Colorful columns

staircase design ideas staircase oranges columns

Decorative figures

Staircase shape iron railing figures decoration

Glass wall looks clean and simple

staircase design glass railing as a dividing wall creating transparency

Wooden stairs in the rich library

Stairs fashion wooden wall built-in library books

Innovative railing

staircase make innovative railing

Fantasy in purple

staircase shape purple fantasy beautiful lighting

Traditional staircase with beautiful ornaments

staircase decorate living room deco ornaments sofa table floor lamp

 Stairs with taped wallpaper

Make stairs from stick-on carpets

Stairs fulfill several tasks

stairs perform several tasks

With built-in cabinet

staircase design design glass railing built in closet bin

Green freshness

Stairs shape green spiral planting

Made of wood and stone

Stairs shape wood and stone

Green thread grid

stairs shape modern protection railing green

Modern stairs made of natural stone and glass

Stairs shape natural stone and glass sofa living ideas deco ideas table

White spiral staircase looks sophisticated

Stairs shape white fairy tale

Floating stairs with square lighting

stairs shape living design wooden beams

High dark stairs in the white living room

staircase luxurious white interior black stairs

The railing is interesting

staircase modern railing white pictures deco ideas

Improve the look of the cellar

staircase modern cellar improve

Contrasting colors and materials

stair design modern contrasting colors and materials

Wall decoration in two styles

staircase black tv carpet sofa wall decoration

glass prison

stairs design ideas glasolator lighting built-in

Especially for the cats

stairs design home ideas cats mouse idea

Braided staircase wall

staircase designs home sculptures deco ideas

Exceptional stairs architecture

Unusual stairs get started furnishing ideas

Curved staircase design

unusual winding staircase

Abstraction of iron

unique design ideas staircase brick design iron stairs

Unique staircase design

unique staircase living room table deco armchair


vertical railing frame modern stairs

Spiral staircase in the bright apartment

white spiral staircase framing decorating ideas

Spiral staircase shape glass wall living ideas

Leather furniture and simple staircase style in the living room

Spiral staircase fashion leather furniture table sofa

Floating stairs with metal railing

spiral staircase living room sofa table chairs

Combined black stairs and brickwork

brick design interior design ideas black stairs

Flooring and railings fit together

modern stunning staircase design and flooring