Setting up the attic – creating an optimal and charming interior design

attic furnishings modern living room fellton carpet

Setting up an attic - a charming apartment that is a challenge in terms of interior design

To live on the roof, may seem attractive, but not when it comes to the establishment of the loft. You will agree that the greatest challenge in modern interior design is the mansard.

The space-saving furniture and the efficient interior solutions are urgent here. attic set up, means to make maximum use of the space and to provide enough storage space. If you are looking for new inspiration on how best to set up your attic apartment, then you can draw some of our picture gallery.

Combine natural colors and set accents

attic furnishings small living room colors combine

Cozy children's room with wall wallpaper

attic decorate children's room colored wall wallpaper cozy

Modern bedroom with built-in lights

interior design bedroom small modern

Black accent wall with mirror surface ensures the unique appearance of the bedroom

interior design ideas modern bedroom design black accents

When designing a penthouse, you feel somehow restricted. Take advantage of the uniqueness of this room to create a charming place! If you want to set up an attic, it would be good to use some tips and tricks. This is a specific room and requires special attention. The furniture design is crucial for a pleasant living environment in the attic. It would be better not to rely on sturdy and tall pieces of furniture, that would not be possible either. The furniture that fits in a mansard is rather low and functional. Do not go without a wardrobe or a modern sofa, but choose the right design so you have enough free space in your attic. Wardrobe systems, corner wardrobes and matching wall shelves are a good solution.

Cool sliding door in the attic bedroom

attic decorate bedroom fashion carpet brick wall

Choose a matching wardrobe design for the attic

attic furnishings bedroom wardrobe sliding door carpet floor lamp

Design a fancy children's room in the attic

attic furnishings kids room round carpet flowers

Cozy bathroom with romantic atmosphere in the attic

interior design ideas cozy bathroom penthouse freestanding bath

An attic is characterized by low walls and sloping ceilings. The potential of this unique space could be exploited through the right color scheme. The colors play a much bigger role here. Intrusive colors are not recommended, because they create the feeling of tightness and dullness. Better use light shades. But setting individual accents is highly recommended.

Design bright attractive living room

interior design ideas living room set up attic

Create a beautiful recreational oasis in the attic

attic set up gray carpet white armchair living room

White kitchen with wooden elements

interior design penthouse set up small white kitchen

Mild tones combine

interior design roof room bedroom stool bright furniture

Set colorful accents to spice up the interior design

attic set up living room fresh furniture bright walls

Get the most out of your attic apartment and out of yourself! Make the most of the space and create a cozy bedroom, an attractive living room or a modern kitchen.

Modern kitchen with white kitchen cabinets

interior design ideas kitchen attic white wall paint

A cool youth room in the attic set up

interior design loft design youth room girl freshness accents

We wish you a lot of success in setting up your attic!

Gorgeous combination of wood and white

attic furnishings bedroom white carpet wood

Select matching furniture for the penthouse

attic set up beautiful ideas bedroom wardrobe

Penthouse with chic interior design

attic furnishings small bedroom purple accents

Functional interior

interior design attic ideas bedroom fashion beautiful textures

Chic and functional interior design

interior design penthouse bedroom set up working table

Spacious bedroom with good lighting

interior design ideas attic furnish small spacious bedroom

Create a beautiful accent wall

interior design bedroom apartment set up attic white wall paint