Cool home decorating ideas that transform your home into a paradise

cool decor townhouse furnishings living room

Cool furnishing ideas for your city apartment

It's not great to come home after a busy day in the city, close the door behind your back and take a few deep breaths. Living in a vibrant urban area can sometimes enrich one's mind, but in many cases, just as well.

And when you come back to a house that is full of things and you hear the neighbors talking all the time and hear cars hooting, that will not help you. Furthermore, you certainly do not want the lights to shine from the street lamps directly across from your windows. Rather, one wants to have his peace. But that proves to be very difficult for many people.

We have 10 tips that will transform your home into the resting place you desire.


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1. A serene color palette

There are so many incentives on the streets and so it would not be a bad idea to relax in a clean atmosphere at home. The right choice of color can contribute a lot in this regard. Think of silver gray, blue, natural wood shades and white.

Pale feather tones, the soft sage green or the warm pink shades can also be very soothing. If in doubt, choose colors to relax.

2. The right curtains

cool decor city apartment furnishings dining area

This kind of curtains like the one pictured here could be used in the kitchen or in the living area, where privacy is not so much of a concern. You can cover the lower part and have your peace of mind, if you so desire, and still allow plenty of light to flow into the interior of the room.

Floor-length curtains or those with darkening interior insulation

cool decor townhouse decorate bedroom white

Floor-length curtains or those with darkening interior insulation are essential for the bedrooms. This solution especially pleases the people who have difficulty sleeping in the light. Furthermore, one can also protect the privacy by such curtains, if the neighbor are too close.

3. Soundproofing

cool decor townhouse furnishings living room

Investing in soundproofing can be very rewarding if you live in an area where it is very noisy. Take the example of nice hotels, which fulfill this task in a wonderful way by attaching fabric-covered acoustic panels to the walls or ceiling. Alternatively, one can access windows with two or three panes, which contribute to a wonderful soundproofing.

Opt for thick, cuddly carpets on the floor and heavy drapery, which can help you create a buffer area that catches the noise.

If you are looking for an alternative to the acoustic panels, you could try a collection of books.

Design a cozy reading corner

cool furnishing ideas townhouse furnishings reading corner piano

4. Living things

cool furnishing ideas townhouse furnishings coffee table sofa

Integrate air and plants in pots, trays of succulents and cut flowers, flower bulbs. Challenge yourself and see if you can manage a plant in every room. You can not grow anything? Consider shopping for some high quality artificial flowers. There are some rural examples that are wonderful! Having something green is much better than nothing!

If you are able to give a pet a good home, then do that! So the atmosphere will certainly feel a lot more relaxed. Even the observation of swimming the fish can counteract the stress.

cool home decor townhouse set up pet cat

5. Natural textures

cool decor city apartment chimney

In everyday life, we are surrounded by too many fake materials, art and high-tech materials. The incorporation of natural materials and textures in your room will help to liven up your space. Try cotton, sisal or cotton rugs. Furthermore, I recommend you to experiment with knotted linen towels, wooden joints and polished wooden tables. I also love to play with beeswax candles, collections of bowls and stones.

6. Laid down furniture

cool furnishing ideas city apartment set up television wood

Long and low forms invite to lounging and relaxing. Would not you have room for a sofa of this kind? Or maybe your equipment would fit a long and low credence. Maybe you would rather have a platform bed?

Enhance the serene, Zen feel with a simple white and wooden color palette, large vases with branches and plenty of comfortable cushions.

7. A seat with a view

cool decor townhouse set up kitchen

There is something so romantic about sitting by the window and visiting the city. Integrate small niches wherever you can. Try installing a seat with chubby pillows and a small desk just outside the window. So you can enjoy the view of the street.

8. Low tech life

cool interior design city apartment set up color scheme

Return to the retro technologies. This is something you could access to a dial phone, turntable or grandfather's clock. Living with only high tech facilities can be very tiring in the long run. Often these are multifunctional, refreshing and simple.

9. Living in a tidy atmosphere

cool decor townhouse furnishings essbreich colored dining chairs

No matter how big your apartment is, you should keep it very tidy. The world out there is loud, almost and crowded with visual stimulation. Imagine your house as something that exudes exactly the opposite feeling. It has to be clean, quiet and relaxing.

10. A mysterious garden

cool home decor townhouse set up balcony garden design

Whether you have a garden in the backyard, small terrace, balcony or fire escape, you could protect the private area in the outside very well. Build an enclosed outdoor area to block the noise from the neighbors. Add the matching ambient lights for the night.

Private outdoor area

cool furnishing ideas townhouse furnish balcony terrace wood furniture