Cool youth rooms as an example of organization and order

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Organizational tips that are suitable for cool youth rooms


We are still in the time of school holidays. This is exactly the right moment to organize new or better cool youth rooms. So they are made even better in time for the new school year. The little ones will be motivated to stay there and this is a very good prerequisite for their learning process.

Design a cool youth room - accept the challenge

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The focus of today's article is on good organization. On the one hand, it would have to keep everything neat and clear. At the same time, the new organization must not affect the character of the cool youth rooms. On the contrary, this should be even more effective.

Order in the youth room - that's not a dream!

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Reading in a hanging basket chair is more fun

cool youth room girl ideas hanging basket chair

The organization of clothes

Cool teenage room ideas often do not really come into their own for exactly that reason because clothes are lying around everywhere without a certain order. To preach the Little Morale usually does not help much.

However, making the system of the clothing organization itself great and original can be a good reason why teens do indeed clean up.

Clothes organization for boys

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First, everything superfluous should be sorted out best. This leaves more space for new things in the wardrobe. Cool youth rooms are always kept in a better order by this kind of motivation, believe us!

In addition, you can bring the superfluous, become small and no longer used clothes together with the children, or young people to the nearest Altkleider container. So teach your kids to create order at home and do good things for other people.

Purist, simple, orderly ...

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To create order on the desk

cool youth room ideas arrangement create desk

Renew the shelves

Cool youth rooms can sometimes be identified as such because they have great shelves. They could have been executed in a great system and in wonderful shades.

Practical bookshelves in the youth room

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Take advantage of the summer to easily renew the shelves. You may need to repaint this or the wall behind it. Insert some new pieces. Demonstrate a lot of creativity with new interior design ideas!

Furnishing ideas in the Scandinavian style

cool youth room ideas in white scandinavian design

Rearrange toys

Cool youth rooms for smaller children can not be such, if they do not keep a lot of toys in them. They can hardly ever be too much. The organization of these is certainly an important point, which is very good to think about.

Turn the attic room into a cool youth room

cool youth room ideas roof room design

Do not look for the perfect order of toys. Much more practical and realistic in terms of long-term use would be to make their collection point an accent point. You can run the room neutrally. Then you put open shelves on a shelf wall. Put the toys in there again and again. This becomes a happy corner. In addition, by always positioning the toys in a different way, you will provide a lot of variety.

Chaos in the room of the adolescent boy? - That's totally normal!

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More storage space in the youth room is required

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To fix books

Unlike the toys, books should be tidy even in the coolest youth rooms. Because there must also be priorities there. The good order of books will remind you, on an intuitive and subconscious level, that they have a higher value than the other material objects.

Open bookshelves above the bed

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Of course, it would be quite possible that you also make a great decoration out of it. Arrange the books by color and size on an open shelf.

Use colors skillfully

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In conclusion, the great order for cool youth rooms can also be quite attractive. It must have an exciting, modern, even decorative character. She has to make the cool youth rooms even cooler. Then the young inhabitants there will also have the motivation to look after them.

Stylish mix of retro and modern furniture

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Clever idea - black chalkboard on the wall

cool teenage room ideas black chalkboard wall

How to save space ...

cool youth room ideas loft bed with desk

Sophisticated elegance in black and white

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Youth room of a boy

cool youth room boys wall design ideas

And a girl's teenage room

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