The French country style – 33 furnishing examples

Furnishing in French country style

Elegance and rural lifestyle together make such a great combination dar. This can be found in the French variant of the decor in the country house style!

Country-style furnishings for the hallway

furnishing country style corridor furnishing ideas french; sischer style

There you will discover a perfect balance between beauty and comfort. You can achieve a rather upscale look by using simple materials and items.

Country-style interior design ideas as you design an upscale French-style bedroom

furnishing ideas bedroom furnishing bedroom bench canopy

Blurred lines

Original nuances of white and wood dominate in the French interior. This makes the lines blurry and this makes the ambience a bit mystical and dreamy. Set eye-catching, but not too bright accents. Green colors - in the form of plants or fine dishes in open shelves would be a great option.

French style of decor in white

country style white interior french style

The soft accents can also include blue. Paintings on ceramic are a perfect match. The tile back walls in Mediterranean style are also ideal.

Subtle blue accents

furnishing country style bedroom furnishings beautiful bedding

Antique bedding and decoration for some conservatism

The bedding and decoration in an antique style would be another way for the individualization of the furnishings in the French country house style. In gold executed elements with pictorial representations look particularly noble. Of course, the ambience is somewhat conservative with these.

Create stylish bedroom design in light tones

interior design ideas of living bedroom white bedding

Modern look

For a more modern look, you can choose a neutral blue shade for the front of the cabinets and maybe the back panels. Combine with original white shades and lots of wood. In this way, you create a truly up-to-date charisma, which, however, continues to register well in the French country house style.

Emphasize the presence of the components

The elements with a rural flair - such as the wooden beams, should be clearly shown in the country house style. As a back wall decoration, you can apply wallpaper with tile patterns or expose a real brick wall as soon as the building is made of them.

Brick wall and plants provide a fresh appearance of the kitchen

furnishing ideas home ideas kitchen brick wall floral decoration

Wicker furniture and accessories

Braided furniture, deco, why not Lighting fixtures are a typical element of French country style. You will clearly acknowledge this, if you use it in your interior design. Rope and other rough materials also make up a part of this facility.

French style in the outdoor area

country style french style gardening ideas

Floating artistic decoration for a feminine aura

The floating chandeliers and the down to the floor curtains are typical French precious touches in the interior. You must not forget these in your interior if you want to show a feminine variation of this style.

Beautiful chandelier gives the dining area a noble touch

country style french elegant furniture dinning room

French style with vintage elements

interior design deco dining room floral décor french style

Vintage elements

The vintage elements are of vital importance to the French country-style décor. Collections made of objects in glass showcases perfectly match the ambience. Vintage pictures above the fireplace and next to a wall mirror are also typical.

Vintage decorating ideas for the living room

furnishing country style french living room plant carpet

Refined rough furnishing elements

Mirror frames and other rough, ancient elements that will be restored through a restoration will give your cottage style a complete look.

Cozy living area in the French style

home decor living ideas wohznimmer franzosischer style

Fresh floral pattern

furnishing country style french style bedroom floral pattern

Choose mild light green color for the living room furniture

furnishing country style french style living room

Accents in blue

furnishing country style kitchen french style blue elements

Wooden beams and stone walls make up this living room

furnishing ideas living room set up stone wall fireplace

Long curtains in brown set a dark accent in the bedroom

interior design deco bedroom french style wall decor long brown curtains

Combine different patterns

country style french style living ideas living room

The wooden beams are typical for this style of furnishing

interior design deco living room living room stone wall candles beautiful pattern

Rural French style kitchen

furnishing country style french style kitchen roman blind flowers

Typical furniture design

furnishing ideas deco dwellings bedroom french style

Elegant French style dining area

interior design deco dining room round dining table white carpet

Decorate the open shelves with dishes

furnishing ideas deco crockery pattern home ideas

Plants are a universal decoration

interior design deco living room plants fireplace

country style dining room french style beige

country style french style kitchen dining room

country style french style bedroom floral pattern

country style French style home decor kitchen Roman shade carpet small kitchen

country style french kitchen wood

country style french dining room set up ideas

furnishing country style french light yellow walls blue stripes

country style kitchen set up green kitchen island beige kitchen cabinets

interior design kitchen french style white furnishings

country style kitchen set up lights fruits flowers