Small bedroom – 55 stylish living ideas

small bedroom decor wall decoration wallpaper tendril round stool

So you can set up a small bedroom, so they have as much room

Are you looking for inspiration for setting up your small bedroom? Attention! In this article, we shower you with many fantastic ideas. They are quite diverse, but they have one thing in common: In all, saving space comes to the fore!

Be smart with dark nuances

The bright colors make the room wider and the darker - narrower. Never forget these principles when reshaping your room. Use bright colors only when the room needs to look extra wide. Alternatively, you could do the following: You can extend a dimension at the expense of others by painting one wall darker and the adjacent one in light shades.

How to elegantly furnish a small bedroom

small bedroom set up vintage style dresser loft

Such approach gives the room individuality. The colors are still bright enough so you do not feel too tight in the room. Thanks to this approach, you can set up a small bedroom partly with dark nuances, which are proven to provide your relaxation.

Spread the light

If you set up a small bedroom, you would have to worry about as many mirror effects. Be creative. Do not interfere with the use of mirrors.

Refined idea for the little bedroom via from Leivars, Brighton

small bedroom set up mirror sliding door wardrobe shoe cabinet leivars uk brighton

Choose metallic colors and materials. They have the ability to reflect and spread the light. Use mirrored surfaces to create hidden or very dark corners and place some lights in front of them.

Make the most of tricky roof structures

Tricky niches and sloping roofs are always proving to be a great challenge for setting up many small bedrooms in the attic. Take your time and think about how to make the most of it. Most of the time it fits under a bed or you can integrate a custom made cabinet.

The small bedroom in the attic optimally furnished

fitted wardrobe

Interesting accents in darker shades

Some people find it difficult to avoid the dark nuances when designing the small bedroom. They have character and many people find it contemplative and reassuring.

They create the ideal atmosphere if you would like to read something in the evening

small bedroom set up dark colors brown sofa geometric pattern wall wallpaper wall decoration

Nevertheless, we would recommend you to make the walls bright. With interesting decoration you could still integrate your so loved dark shades. Often, though needed in small quantities, they have a particularly powerful effect.

The next two inspirational home designs are from

small bedroom furnish headboard natural wood rough grain partition wall

small bedroom boho chic built-in wardrobe stone wall

Gentle blue nuances and white fabrics provide lightness and more comfort in the room

small bedroom decorating double bed floral pattern carpet wall wallpaper

Neutral shades and filigree symmetry in the bedroom

small bedroom set up double bed natural wood headboard organic shapes pendant lights

Wide mirrors and subtle square patterns

small bedroom set up double bed quilt bedspread square pattern mirrored wall

Fancy bed canopy made of natural wood

small bedroom furnish natural materials wooden poles sky bed juteteppich

Wide stripes in smooth tones bring extra order

small bedroom single bed open wall shelves striped wall wallpaper beige light brown

Colorful geometric patterns for your cheerful mood

boho chic modern colorful bedding

Every handbread should be used as effectively as possible

small bedroom set up loft drawer sliding glass desk pink

Cute and stylish with folding bed and white retro closets

small bedroom furnished folding bed white cabinets

Introduce playful floral patterns through wall murals

small bedroom set up wardrobe floral pattern wallpaper

Minimalist bedroom furniture in neutral colors

small bedroom set up modern room interior minimalist style

Light gold gloss and filigree, floral pattern on the wall

small bedroom furnished musterertapette gold gloss double bed

The whiter, the broader and brighter in the room

small bedroom set up double bed wall paint white pink bedding

Green provides peace and quiet in the bedroom 

small bedroom set up double bed wall art room divider

More colorful zest for serene Boho Chic fanatics

small bedroom decor boho chic style colorful bedspread pillow ethno pattern

Pink and light wood - simply the classic

small room set up bed niche bookshelves wallpaper floral pattern

Earth colors are also an excellent, relaxing solution for your bedroom

bedroom furnishings double bed earth colors brown curtains

Subtle bedroom furniture for passionate purists

small bedroom furnish double bed wooden bed frame sisal pillows natural materials

White brick wall and pastel colors

small bedroom set up double bed pink bedspread white brick wall light bulbs hanging lamp

Floating closets in white and expressive patterns on the wall

small bedroom set up floral pattern wallpaper white closets double bed wooden chest

Sustainable creativity with europallets

small bedroom set up diy bed bed frame europallets headboard

Casual, simple cosiness in bright colors

small bedroom furnish double bed sliding glass

The wooden staircase of the bunk bed also offers plenty of storage space for clothes and odds and ends

small bedroom furnished bunk bed wooden staircase storage drawers

Minimalist bedroom furniture in black and white

small bedroom set niche bed patterned pillow bedspread

Through photo wallpaper the little bedroom visually expand

small bedroom set up double bed photo wallpaper black white

Set up a comfortable workplace under the loft bed

small bedroom furnished puristic room furniture high bed round high pile carpet

Yellow-green wall paint reflects the daylight and spreads positive energy in the room

small bedroom set green yellow wall paint nightstand wall shelf

White and pink are perfectly compatible - here also complemented by light white furniture

small bedroom decorating pink white curtains retro lampion white wood planks

small bedroom set up mirror symmetrical white curtains

small bedroom set boho chic colorful bedding pillow dressing table white chair

small bedroom set up mirror closet wardrobe double bed bedside tables

small bedroom furnished sliding door wardrobe

small bedroom decorating wall paint white wooden ladder bookshelf

small bedroom wall paint white rattan chair single bed folding bedside table

bedroom set wall wallpaper tendril pattern bedspread silk

bedroom decor white nightstands wall decals black table lamps

bedroom furnished white leather bed white bedside table satin linen

bedroom furnished white walls wardrobe built-in

small bedroom set up white walls metal pendulum stool wood