40 Gardening Examples – interior design ideas that also make the exterior more beautiful

Interior design ideas that also work well in gardening

Multifunctionality is becoming more and more modern. It is also understood much broader – by designers and residents. Today, for example, will be the interior design ideas, which are also suitable for outdoor use. We give you some concrete tips. In addition, we want to make clear to you the practical advantages of their integration.

Garden furniture with many textiles

gardening ideas outdoor area fashion carpet modern garden furniture

Garden arrangement with green plants

gardening ideas garden decorating plants gardening ideas

Start with the floor design

Every furnishing idea inside or outside needs a good basis. The soil must be qualitatively and sustainably occupied. You can also search for suitable fabrics for an outdoor carpet. That makes the mood especially comfortable.

Beautiful flooring that captivates the view

garden furniture flooring garden ideas garden chairs fresh

Combine stones and gravel

garden ideas rockery shape outdoor area ideas

Cool deco ideas for the house facade

garden ideas deco plants plant gravel

Stylish and functional flooring 

garden furniture flooring garden furniture modern outdoor area

Divide the area into different zones

Good zoning is important for any facility. In the garden, this is often neglected, but it should not really be. Distribute the zones in the room very conveniently so that there is room for games, living, dining, etc. Do you also need a reading or working area outside?

Colorful garden design

garden ideas orange accents beautiful textiles

Rattan armchair and wooden table combine for a slightly more interesting look

garden furniture garden furniture rattan armchair wooden table plants

Design dining area in the garden

garden ideas individual areas garden plants dining table

Spice up the room with accessories!

Add decorative units so you can spice up the room without having to change much of the basics. Even in the garden your own personal style should come into its own.

Beautiful garden accessories refresh even more the garden

garden ideas garden decoration ideas planting flower pots

Carpets are also a good decoration idea

gardening ideas colored carpet wood furniture backyard design

Make sure you have good light!

The good light is very important for the safety, the space division, the good functionality. You would have to take this as seriously as indoors!

The stairs light up

garden furniture garden lights garden stairs plants

Trendy lighting for the modern recreation area

garden furniture beautiful lighting rattan furniture

Why should we integrate interior design tips into the garden furnishings?

The practical benefits of this approach are many. In the first place, you can actually expand your living space in the summer. Besides, you do not always have to buy new furniture. Some of the outdoor furniture can be placed indoors in winter – in the guest room, living room or on the winter terrace. With good planning and distribution that works very well.

A wooden wooden fence gives the backyard a natural look

gardening flooring ideas garden plants garden furniture

Floor design with gravel

gardening areas secrete gravel plants stones

Bring a romantic atmosphere to the outdoor area

Gardening areas seperate candles throw pillow romantic

Ultimately, the precautionary outdoor area gives you the opportunity to experiment with different ideas. The results obtained can then be of use to you in all remaining living space.

Modern garden with pond represents a beautiful resort

gardening flooring ideas pond plant gardening rattan furniture

The beautiful flooring makes the first impression

gardening flooring planting gardening ideas

Stone floors and rattan furniture transform the outdoor area into a dream location

garden furniture flooring stone rattan furniture plants

Flowerpots everywhere

garden decoration deco plants plant stairs

Cozy garden with fire pit

garden furniture hearth flooring ideas plant

Unbalanced garden design impresses with its look

garden furniture garden areas plant wooden floor stone garden furniture

Segregate areas in the garden

garden furniture garden areas rattan furniture plants deco ideas fireplace backyard

gardening gardening ideas planting areas

gardening gardening plants areas cool garden path

gardening terrace design flooring ideas plants throw pillow

garden ideas floor tiles elegant garden furniture romantic flowers pergola

garden ideas garden areas secrete plant beds floor tiles

garden ideas garden areas eating area plants lawn

garden ideas deco gardening green lawn

garden ideas garden plants small round garden table

gardening ideas flooring plant garden fence

gardening ideas dining area fashion glass table

gardening ideas colored carpet throws floral pattern

gardening ideas strip carpet throw pillows candles

gardening ideas carpet gray pattern wooden floor

gardening ideas carpet strip bench plant terrace

garden ideas floor tiles garden plants landscaping

garden ideas rattan sofa plant throw pillow strip carpet

gardening modern lighting hearth plants