How to set up and renovate the basement – 20 living ideas

set up and redecorate red dramatic ambienceSet up the cellar and renovate

Recently, Alex Steen and his wife have moved to a big house in the suburbs with their baby and their two dogs. They have decided to rebuild and organize everything upstairs. But they still have a large cellar, which should be renovated.

 Before - an unfinished cellar

Basement set up and renovate unfinished construction

After that - multifunctional room

Basement decorating and renovating fitness curtains

Combining rustic materials with elements of modern furniture and accessories, this room has become a stylish, cozy basement. A multifunctional room with three different areas: a living area, a TV and a fitness area. The floor-to-ceiling curtains made of silk with floral patterns create a visual enlargement of space.

Before - Purple playroom

Basement decorating and renovating children's rooms purple walls sofas furniture

In the new house, the couple already feels at home, but it is too much space that needs to be redesigned. The boring, outdated, purple cellar serves as a playroom for her daughter. They wanted to turn this room into a contemporary living space big enough for their guests.

After - trendy meeting place

Basement decorating and renovating corner bar bar stools

The wife - Candice has painted the walls in creamy and has divided the space into two zones - a bar corner and a sports field. The drink bar has a funky fridge, an electric fire pit and a great quartz surface surrounded by bar stools. The sports area has used dark wood and glass cabinets.

Before - dark and outdated

Basement decorating and renovating nursery playroom

You can see a huge cellar in this illustration, which now serves as a children's playroom.

Thereafter - country style

Basement decor and renovate billard room pool table beige colors

Wood paneling and stone are used in the renovation and add an elegant, neutral look. The walls are painted in aubergine colors and this adds a sturdy touch, while the tactile fabrics like chinelle and velvet are combined with warm colors of rust, wheat and brown to create a cozy atmosphere.

Before - too many toys

Basement decorating and renovating nursery travel toys

Thereafter - marine thematic sanctuary

living ideas cellar furnishing sea green walls indirect lighting

Before - a minimalist cellar

Downstairs decorate and renovate sofa living area leather brown

After that - A modern refuge

Basement set up and renovate stool square stone wall fireplace

Before - nothing to laugh about

Basement furnish and renovate sofa armchair comfortably

Afterwards - Smooth, fashionable playground

Basement decorating and renovating residential landscape seat cushion leather

Before - mess

Basement decorate and renovate homeoffice corner sofa

After that - demanding inspiration

Downstairs decorate and renovate living room walls tv cushions

Before - an empty room

Downstairs decorate and renovate entryway tile floor

After that - French and fabulous

Basement furnishings and renovate armchair sofa cushions carpet tile

Before - outdated and boring

Downstairs decorate and renovate the living area carpet soft flooring

After that - colorful and impressive

Basement and renovate corner sofa softly colored

Before - an unused cellar

Basement decorating and renovating homeoffice desk

After that - multifunctional room

Basement decorating and redecorating red dramatic ambience