Decorative fireplace – romantic mood with candles and lanterns

deco chimney birch wood pillar candles wind lights glass collage

Create even more homeliness at home with a decorative fireplace

Fireplaces are considered the ultimate cosiness objects in the interior. It crackles and it smells of burning wood. It is warm and cuddly. We love this unmistakable mountain lodge ambience especially in winter, and especially over Christmas, when it's wet and cold outside.

Modern ethanol fireplaces also have their charm. They advertise with a refined, minimalist design and are simply a perfect fit into the contemporary interior. What does it look like if you are more in the mood for a decorative fireplace? Decorate your fireplace and turn it into a source of romance.

Filigree metal decoration with pillar candles

deco fireplace firewood birch wood metal candlestick

This task works best with candles. Yes, with many candles. Since you can hardly do anything wrong. All sorts of candles are suitable for this purpose - from tealights and pillar candles to the long, elegant church candles. We recommend the white color. White candles look the most stylish and combine with any kind of decorative items. Use firewood or best birch wood as decoration. You can drill holes in the wood and place the tealights in it. Place the pieces of wood vertically and use them as original candlesticks, whereupon you place the pillar candles and tealights. Wrought iron is also a very good idea. Old metal candlesticks or sculptures with ornaments give the decorative fireplace a special authentic touch.

Summer freshness and peonies

decorative fireplace mantel ornaments pillar candles white

Do not forget to use the lanterns. Candle lanterns can be found in all sorts of styles. Depending on what style of furniture you like, you can put together beautiful decorations. At the end, round off everything with fresh flowers, with sea finds or with green pine branches and cones - yes, according to season. Use our collection today as inspiration for your decorative fireplace and create even more comfort and zest for life in your home.

Firewood for decoration purposes
  decorative fireplace firewood bin

Antique candlestick collection by the fireplace
decorative fireplace mantel candlestick pillar candles
Rustic stone fireplace decorated with lanterns and pillar candles
decorative fireplace candles flowers lanterns
Masterful tendril ornaments made of wrought iron
decorative fireplace candles candlestick metal
Sophistication in minimalist style
decorative fireplace candlestick white candles boulders
For real purists
decorative fireplace candles pillar candles white
Use birch wood as an original candle holder

dekokamin birch wood pillar candles wind lights glass

This is how your fireplace could look in the summer

Dekokamin candles white romantic

A successful fire imitation

decorative fireplace massive natural wood tealight candles

Round stones, natural wood and lanterns

dekokamin natural wood tree trunks tealights

Medieval taste in the living room

dekokamin pillar candles white metal lantern

Many lights and curved metal ornaments

deco chimney tealights candles wrought iron tendril ornaments

Metal flames and tealights

deco chimney tealights metal flames

Stylish christmas decoration with lanterns and candles

deco fireplace christmas decoration lanterns candles

Dek0 fireplace in the Scandinavian style

decorative fireplace white brick wall birch wood natural wood pillar candles

Long, glass candleholders look very elegant

decorative fireplace cylindrical candlestick pillar candles white