TV wall unit in the modern living room – 15 inspiring examples

tv living wall media wall mount for flat screen TV

TV wall unit in the modern living room

Are you looking for a suitable place for your TV? Rather, consider a separate entertainment room or imagine the TV in a wall?

Often you integrate a special zone in the living room, especially if the space is limited.

To install the TV there, there are very different ways. Some want to have a freestanding device and others will hang it on the wall.

Others place their media devices on the cabinets or install them in the wall or in a media system.

Today we want to show you some media rooms with built-in TVs. So you will get an idea of ​​what you can do with your TV. You can cover the TV in a creative way, like a poster or a picture.

Many devices are outside the TV wall unit but due to the way they are installed, they look like a part of it. Now look at the list we have created below!

Crescendo Design - Center and Show Space

tv living wall cultivation wall living room media wall

The picture above the TV is mobile. You can open and close it if you wish. That would be a great way to hide the TV if you do not need it.

High Line

tv living wall medienwand modern wall

Do you like the seamless look of this wall system? Then you certainly like the Jane table by FTF Design Studio.

Orpin Group interior design

tv living wall wall mounted living room media wall open shelves wall decoration

This modern living room is just great! Take a look at the Driade chair, the modern cocktail table and the dining table with the plant pot. The built-in wall unit is adorable.

Soho attic apartment

tv wall unit wall mounted living room ideas media wall flat screen TV

This is not just a wall system behind the TV, because behind it there is also a storage area. The hearth is made of light oak veneer.

Upper West Side combo

tv living wall media wall mounting wall living room ideas leather sofa

It has a wide TV built into the wall. It acts like a central office in this living room. They wanted to make the room really bright and that's why LED built-in lights were used.

# 72 - R&K Bonner - Alamo

tv living wall medienwand modern wall mounted living room

Here we have to do with an overlay with maple wood. The finish is in Swiss Coffee shading. Certainly it is a good choice.

Contemporary guesthouse

tv living room wall mounted wall cladding wood

Such a wall unit immediately ensures the creation of a smart room. You also see a window seat with a drawer. This is also a great idea for saving space.


modern wall mounted tv living room wall residential ideas media wall

Such a beautiful room and seem so seamless! Great right? The position and location of the TV are just ideal.

family room

tv wall unit living room wall mount for flat screen TV

Openings of various sizes may well be the right solution for you. TV is the high light of the system here.

The interior of the Mill Neck residence

tv living wall media wall building wall living room modern

That would be a great design for smaller wall with TV, do not you think? The color of the wood veneer compensates for the remaining subtle wooden elements.


tv living wall media wall modern wall mounted living room white gray

This modern contemporary living room includes clean lines and wide expansive details even at the wall unit.

Tribeca attic

tv living room living room modern wall wood effect

This is a great living room where the fireplace and TV are integrated into the wall. It was made of limestone. Are not we talking about luxury?

Window World S.A. - Guayaquil-Ecuador, Portfolio 2

modern wall mounted living room shape tv wall unit

This wall unit also forms part of the living room and the dining room. Is not that a great idea?

living room

Modern TV Living Wall Wall Mounted Living Room Media Wall Lighting

Who does not like the simple selection here? It draws your attention to the colors and shapes in the room.

Bloomberg Tower, New York City

tv wall mounted living room white open shelves flat screen TV

You could also opt for a white color, and this could give the room a fresh look, just like in the room here. White has also been used for the wall unit.

Do you want to use built-in wall systems in your house? Our list can show you how you could achieve this.